cartridge brass

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an alloy of copper and zinc (containing about 30% zinc) that is wrought into cartridges or tubing

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Caption: Bolt designs intended to fully enclose the case with steel so it can withstand pressures higher than the cartridge brass alone include (from left) the Remington 700 with internal spring clip extractor and the Savage 110 with sliding wedge extractor in right locking lug.
Cartridge brass gets a reputation based on who manufactured it.
But of late, it appears, ATK has been aggressively promoting sweetheart side deals with military installation commanders for those commanders to sell used cartridge brass directly to ATK, whereupon ATK renders the brass unsuitable for reloading.
The 2008 Nosler and NoslerCustom catalog features the entire line of Accu-Bond, Ballistic Tip, Partition, Partition-HG, Custom Competition, Sporting Handgun bullets, muzzleloading sabots, Ballistic Silver Tip, E-Tip, Solid, NoslerCustom Cartridge Brass and NoslerCustom Rifles.
Cartridge brass is not made with the precision of the other components, and it is commonly culled and modified to improve accuracy.
Those that were found sufficiently homogeneous to be used as microanalysis standards were Cartridge Brass (SRM 478) and Low-Alloy Steels (SRMs 461 and 463) (1).
Starline Brass has a sterling reputation for producing top-quality handgun and straight-walled rifle cartridge cases, and now the company has added bottleneck rifle cartridge brass to its product offerings, including .