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a broad belt with loops or pockets for holding ammunition

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As it applies to your cartridge belt, it's simply a chemical reaction of the tanned leather to the brass of the cartridges.
There are cartridge belts and pouches, saddlebags, rifle slings and scabbards and much more around the place here.
The standard 1919A4 features left-hand feeding and has an opening on the left side large enough to allow the loaded cartridge belts to pass though.
One worker, a 20-year-old woman inspecting cartridge belts the day after the bombing, described it as "happy but sad days, where everybody seemed to help each other".
In a video sold in Baghdad's bazaars, a group of women draped in cartridge belts and clutching pistols and rifles explain why they have taken up arms against the US in Iraq.
In a video sold in BaghdadeCOs souks, a group of women draped in cartridge belts and clutching pistols and rifles explained why they had taken up arms against the US military in Iraq.
In addition to this, the officials said they have also recovered several cartridge belts, holders and bullets, as well as a vinyl sheet and a helmet.
Following the lead of many other directors, Pettersson has transposed the action from the 1870s to the 1930s, turning the soldiers into Franco's fascist legions and the gypsies into Republicans clad in black berets and cartridge belts.
For starters, a minimum of three guns per shooter, along with holsters and cartridge belts.
As any bulletomane knows, the distraught ex-student was draped with cartridge belts, one of which is "a belt of leather or webbing with loops for carrying cartridges or pockets for clips of cartridges.
It contains hundreds of full-color photos of vintage (and modern reproduction) holsters, cartridge belts and rifle scabbards.
Draped with cartridge belts and wearing a red shirt and black beret, he resembles a South American revolutionary as he releases a burst of machine-gun fire and the American paratroops activate their grenade launchers.
Holsters and cartridge belts can be ordered of single-thickness leather or fully lined, in plain, border stamped, fully stamped or hand carved.
Several of my rifle and pistol cartridge belts have had these sheaths attached as permanent fixtures, and believe me, they have each stood the test of time--and hard usage--under all types of weather, wet and dry, from the extreme desert heat of the Southwest to the sub-freezing climate of the Northern Rockies.
Tenders are invited for Device For Loading & Unloading Of Cartridge Belts Assembly Drawing - 6Ch16cbcb