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a cartridge (usually with paper casing)


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He further explained, according to the press release, that the cartouches appear on all four corners of the temple, showing Ramses II's important days in golden colour.
However, since it doesn't have any postwar rework cartouches, perhaps it is correct.
in Monterrey, Mexico, said that even mainstream producers are striving to differentiate their packages with elaborate cartouches and direct screening.
The same applies to the cartouches, the motif of an oval frame that Verkoyen has borrowed from the Dutch Porcelain.
The cultural variants--runes, codices, cuneiform, Assyrian obelisks, cartouches, writing implements and inks--attest to the creativity of people who solved the problem of codifying oral speech into readable messages and texts.
Martini's provincial maps, with their highly decorative cartouches, provided attractive lifelike illustrations of contemporary China.
Of interest to many may be the depiction of manufacturer and ordnance repair factory butt roundels and cartouches as well as the SMLE butt marking discs (brass or steel).
Symbols from Immendorff's lexicon reappear here, drawn in grisaille, often in gray cartouches. Consider Enormous, 1999.
By no means emphatic in drawing attention to themselves, they jostle for prominence with several other distractions from the main geographic outlines: town plans, ships of many types, landscapes, elaborate cartouches.
Depuis 1881, les operations a caractere dangereux (chargement des cartouches) inherentes a la production des munitions s'effectuent sur les Plaines d'Abraham.
A Biskra, 534 cartouches de differents calibres ont ete decouvertes par l'ANP.
De plus, on ne pouvait pas alimenter les cartouches avec des liquides controles en France.
The evidence came from the tomb of a pharaonic minister in Asasif Area in the southern city of Luxor, inscribed with the cartouches of both pharaohs.
The six-story limestone mansion features copper-framed ocular windows, a bowed-stone balcony, and French doors with elaborate carved festoons and cartouches.