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a cartridge (usually with paper casing)


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Her cartouche, shown above, contains her unmistakably feminine personal name.
The Venetian style ornament - each piece is cast with a male and female satyr surmounted by urns decorated with four winged herms - and triform bases heavily cast with baroque scrolls and oval cartouches have nothing in common with Chinese taste.
I haven't seen a copy of Blumenthal's book yet and I don't want to--the very concept of molecular gastronomy causes me gastronomic distress--but I hear that its recipes are even more fiendish in their complexity, involving multiple stages and calling for petri dishes, dehydrators, cartouches and the like.
However, since it doesn't have any postwar rework cartouches, perhaps it is correct.
It was decorated in a pink ground reserved with green ground scrolls and swags of husks forming cartouches, the main panel enclosing a finely painted miniature scene by Morin after Teniers.
The same applies to the cartouches, the motif of an oval frame that Verkoyen has borrowed from the Dutch Porcelain.
The cultural variants--runes, codices, cuneiform, Assyrian obelisks, cartouches, writing implements and inks--attest to the creativity of people who solved the problem of codifying oral speech into readable messages and texts.
Martini's provincial maps, with their highly decorative cartouches, provided attractive lifelike illustrations of contemporary China.
Beautiful photographs show off the home's fine details, from the urn-topped entrance columns adorned with hand-cut cartouches to the dining room's intricate cast plaster rococo motifs and the trellised garden door out back.
13) They are decorated with stylised masks on cartouches, from which there extend swags carrying fruit.
Of interest to many may be the depiction of manufacturer and ordnance repair factory butt roundels and cartouches as well as the SMLE butt marking discs (brass or steel).
Symbols from Immendorff's lexicon reappear here, drawn in grisaille, often in gray cartouches.
In fact, on plate 190 you find the wedge-shaped motif carved on the scabbard of a dagger worn on a statue of Tuthmosis III, where the Pharaoh's very belt is set with cartouches.
By no means emphatic in drawing attention to themselves, they jostle for prominence with several other distractions from the main geographic outlines: town plans, ships of many types, landscapes, elaborate cartouches.
Sa production de cartouches se chiffre a 750 mille par mois, soit 9 millions par annee.