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Synonyms for cartouche

a cartridge (usually with paper casing)


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Cartouche 9mm OTAN--Belgian forces use the standard NATO version of the venerable 9mm Partabellum.
Cover with the cartouche, pressing down to turn the edges up and create a neat fit.
Queen Cleopatra visited this road during her travels with Mark Anthony and she renovated it, leaving her special cartouche," he said.
Les gendarmes et les pompiers, arrives sur les lieux, ont decouvert une plaie profonde au niveau du coup provoquee, selon des sources proches de l'affaire, par une cartouche d'un fusil de chasse.
which stands for the Shropshire and Worcester Canal Company (PS100-PS120), while a George V truncheon with a coloured transfer of a crown, royal monogram and a cartouche which reads "Birmingham Special Constabulary 1916-1919" is among a group of four estimated together at PS200-PS250.
Add the stock and seasoning and bring to boil, cover with a cartouche (buttered paper) to fully cover the surface of the stock Place in a pre-heated oven at 230C for about 15 minutes or until fully cooked.
Egyptian card reading called cartouche, spiritual mediums and astrology also got people talking at Holmfirth Civic Hall, who came to learn about alternative complementary and spiritual therapies to try help people discover inner peace and to heal everything from physical problems to the nervous disposition of a cat.
The pilots of the Cartouche Dore aerobatics team are all instructors at this French Air Force academy.
C'est dans ce contexte que surgit cette affaire desdites notes faussees, comme derniere cartouche mouillee.
This one is engraved with "DE VRIENDSCHAP" (FRIENDSHIP) above a pair of embraced shaking hands within a rococo cartouche or shield.
The prayer space inside the larger temple "consists of carved basalt blocks in addition to a part of a royal statue carrying a cartouche of King Merineptah," the ministry statement said.
Place a cartouche - a disc of parchment or greaseproof paper - over the top.
A royal cartouche bearing the full name of pharaoh Senebkay was found on the sarcophagus and on a wall of the tomb unearthed in the ancient city of Abydos, the head of the antiquities ministry's pharaonic department, Ali El-Asfar, said.