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a cartridge (usually with paper casing)


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As you correctly note, the inspection cartouche in the stock is that of David F.
The final design, the Cartouche de 7.65L pour pistolet (the "L" stood for Longue--Long--to differentiate it from the shorter 7.65mm Browning) utilized a straight-walled, rimless case 20mm in length topped with an 85-grain round-nosed FMJ bullet moving at a velocity of 1175 fps.
In the firearms press, I have seen reference made to the cartouche, "O.G.E.K.", as being that of Elmer Keith's.
* Cartouche 8mm balle 1898 D--in 1900 the French army adapts a 198-grain pointed, full metal-jacketed (FM.1) boattail bullet to the 8mm Lebel cartridge.
They added that the official dating of the Pyramids is solely based on the presence of the ancient red cartouche, which prompted them to take a sample of the red paint to prove their theory.
Bring to the boil and place on a paper cartouche. Take off the heat and put the lid on.
a buttered Cartouche, a simple circle of paper to stop a skin layer from forming (optional) ?
A global consumer research study conducted as part of the logo refresh indicated strong awareness of the signature Hilton cartouche and association of the symbol with highly positive brand attributes.
Other jewellery they took included a gold cartouche with Egyptian hieroglyphics and chain, a tricoloured gold necklet and a gold dress ring with emeralds and diamonds.
Other winners included Plover Organic in the bedding category for its Cartouche Quilt, Libeco Lagae for its Alexa collection in the bath category, Lintex for its Golden Jubilee tablecloth and napkin set in the dining category and Dash & Albert for its Zipper rug in the home-accessories category.
This edging en circles the cartouche, correctly placed in the centre of the container, while the elegant border frames an unusual scene: tropical flowers in a classic beet-root-red glaze, blooming so abundantly that their offshoots threaten to overrun the frame.
"The bottle might look like a Claret or Burgundy bottle, but they're giving something unique to the brand, giving the consumer texture with a cartouche or an embossing." Concannon and Stag's Leap are two of his customers that have recently devised a cartouche or an embossing for their bottles.
The focus of the upgrade was on the cartouche and label, while small refinements were also made to the stel cap.
We have lost the original plinth with the cartouche on.
There is universal agreement that the first state of Polus Antarcticus can be identified as a hemispherical chart with "Title within cartouche and a blank cartouche possibly intended to include a dedication" (9).