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Synonyms for cartoon

Synonyms for cartoon

a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine

a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence

draw cartoons of

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Colorful, slightly cartoony illustrations decorate a story that despite its elements of whimsy, is at its heart a profoundly powerful parable of the many hardships encountered on the road the faithful walk.
In this raw and unpretentious film, cartoony young bullies pick on a fellow student.
Director Pieter Kramer's push for arch, cartoony caricature and eye-searing '60s visuals wears thin fast, and even the catchy musical numbers--the first few of which charm with their oddball lyrics and endearing high school-level ineptness--fray the nerves.
Marketing director Ian McLernon said: "The previous logo was cartoony and was not used consistently.
Vexx should please platform fans and don't be put off by the cartoony packaging - it actually has quite a dark feel to it.
In keeping with the comic and TV series the visuals are colourful and cartoony which works really well for a game in this genre.
Its cartoony characters help reinforce the pleasures of discovery and also help lighten up the somewhat didactic tone of the dialog.
They are in love with each other, but the shock of this castration nightmare is tempered by the cartoony certainty that they are too beautiful to carelessly come and go before the pavilion intent upon a night alone, far away from the way men see women.
Cartoony color illustrations bring this adventurous picturebook to life
Bucket loads of slapstick, deliciously bad puns and cartoony action fill the narrative as it whizzes along.
Zelda fans had hoped for a realistic portrayal of Hyrule on the then-groundbreaking hardware, but instead got a cell-shaded cartoony romp on the high seas, far removed from the Zelda of old.
Although his is not an artistic style I enjoy, its cartoony style and bright colours should appeal to kids.
La Jolla's musicalization of the 2006 movie, launching a hoped-for eastward road trip, boasts David Korins' brightly cartoony designs and a typically tinkly William Finn score.
The full-color illustrations are visually appealing, but they are cartoony and do not always accurately depict the instructions for the experiment.
Beneath the cartoony visuals and chirpy musical score lies a rich and complex game.