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a person who draws cartoons

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Commenting on the prison sentence handed down to the two Penguen cartoonists for depicting Erdoy-an, he said: "All around the world cartoonist face problems.
Across the globe, in Greece, India, South Africa and elsewhere, cartoonists are describing the satirists killed at French magazine Charlie Hebdo as among the most fearless and irreverent in the business.
This election season, Telnaes teamed up with The Cartoonist Group to produce POTUS Pick, an iPhone app that gives users the ability to interact directly with both Obama and Romney, thanks to the 24 original animation sequences Telnaes produced especially for the app.
Leading political cartoonist of Indian Express, E P Unny moderated the session.
Palestinian cartoonists discussed the technical aspects of cartoon and listened to Donnelly's rich experience as a cartoonist who is mainly into women issues and politics in the US.
Freelance cartoonist Martin Rowson, chairman of the British Cartoonists' Association, said the judges had spread all the entries out in a room at a London pub to see which one made them laugh the most.
Being daring cartoonist, Sharaf receives many offensive comments, strong opinion and repeated threats because of his cartoons.
When asked how fear influences their work, cartoonist for The Daily StarAa Stavro Jabra responded by saying it is common for him and his colleagues to be contacted by ministers and deputies who are upset about particular drawings, but that those pressures don't prevent them from carrying on.
What do you think this cartoonist is trying to say?
No formal training is required to become a cartoonist, although some cartooning programs now exist either independently or within postsecondary schools' visual arts departments.
lunching with the best editorial cartoonist in the nation: Tom Toles.
Why do you think the cartoonist drew Uncle Sam stretched out between the two cages and without any helpers?
Any cartoonist particularly those interested in alternative graphic novels and works will find this absorbing.
After Carol Yvette Piette graduates from the University of Wisconsin this year, she wants to work as an editorial cartoonist.
Many newspapers have decided not to hire a full-time editorial cartoonist, but instead publish the readily available work of syndicated cartoonists.