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Synonyms for cartoon

Synonyms for cartoon

a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine

a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence

draw cartoons of

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One recent video that generated a large amount of traffic featured Luckovich taking readers through his cartooning process following a tragic shooting inside a church in Charleston, S.C.
By having students do the "cartooning," she compelled them to analyze issues, grasp various perspectives, and explore ways of "taking sides" on those issues.
"Cartooning is not a fair art," Peters wrote in the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists' brief for the landmark free-speech case Flynt v.
The thought process behind the cartooning showed them that cartoonists do not just draw the figures, but must put thought into the idea behind their expressions and attitudes.
The list of news sites that ran my animated work grew, as did my enthusiasm for this new cartooning medium.
This underestimation can be advantageous, since cartooning according to Barajas, is an act of freedom that borders on insanity.
Starting a career in political cartooning is a tricky business.
* Planet Cartoonist: The Top 100 Editorial Cartooning Sites, bestsites/editorialcartoonist/topsites.html, has lots of links.
And Nast -- with the support of his editor -- did for editorial cartooning what the Watergate scandal would do for investigative reporting a century later.
So can anyone distinguish between coincidence and plagiarism in cartooning? Jimmy Margulies, editorial cartoonist for the Record in Hackensack, New Jersey, says "some ideas strike you as really original," while others are "familiar metaphors." He also says one needs to look at where a cartoon appeared and when subsequent, comparable cartoons ran.
The relatively small scale of Alley Oop is determined by its collaged element, part of a page of comics; unlike an image of a flag, convertible to any size, this sheet of cartooning was designed to be held in the hand.
Wilkinson is a Philadelphia Daily News political cartoonist who last year was the first woman ever to win a Pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning. Last September, she published a collection of her cartoons entitled Abortion Cartoons on Demand.
A few years ago I was teaching a class in cartooning at MIT to a group of graduate students and visiting scientists.
I simply came to cartooning with the Faubus regime and haven't had any ambition to go nationwide.
(10) In addition to the general pungent and radical mood of that era, the agitation against colonial rule by the burgeoning Nigerian elite population aided the growth and effectiveness of newspaper cartooning and the philosophy of the WAP.