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a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

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After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the editor of the Sun, Mr Clayton tracked down the compiler of the Striker cartoon strip, Peter Nash.
You can win an original, matted and framed, Scott Adams Dilbert cartoon strip or gift certificates provided by Borders Books.
AS REGULAR readers of the Scorer cartoon strip will know, I'm in Sweden at the moment, looking after a sick relative.
RUGBY cartoon strip Henry's Heroes has won two mini oscars at an awards bash.
She always has insisted on making time for her family - husband Garry Trudeau, who writes the cartoon strip "Doonesbury," and their three children.
Millar and Quitely have also been approached by American cartoon giants Marvel Comics to re-vamp legendary cartoon strip 'X-Men'.
IT WAS the cartoon strip that captured ECHO readers' imaginations - and sometimes their lives.
1929: Popeye made his first appearance as a supporting character in a cartoon strip in Hearst's New York newspapers.
In the Peanuts cartoon strip, what kind of dog is Snoopy?
AN ELEVEN-year-old boy who writes a cartoon strip about his two pet dogs has been left heartbroken after they vanished from home.
Many thanks for your "Francis" cartoon strip featuring Pope Francis on the subject of women priests (NCR, Aug.
The singer was delighted to make her debut in the long-running cartoon strip.
After almost two decades since the 'Calvin and Hobbes' cartoon strip was brought to an end, Bill Watterson - the ever elusive and reclusive creator of the popular series -has hand-painted a poster art for a documentary titled 'Stripped'.
MANILA -- The Philippine Daily Inquirer on Thursday issued an apology for the offensive Pugad Baboy cartoon strip by P.
London, Oct 10 ( ANI ): Charlie Brown and friends - the beloved characters from the Peanuts cartoon strip, are set to star in their own animated film, which is scheduled to hit US cinemas on November 25, 2015.