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a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

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She explained how Elkan, who wants to be a writer, produces cartoon strips about the dogs entitled Daxy and Dee, with the names reflecting Otto's breed and Tico's nickname.
The latter, in fact, created one of the most enduring and popular gay cartoon strips during the 1980s.
THE Flop Family cartoon strip was the creation of American artist George O Swanson who always signed his cartoons "Swan".
I LOVE the work of the late Charles Schulz, a Christian and creator of Charlie Brown in the cartoon strip Peanuts.
Today, the Los Kitos cartoon strip can be read daily in newspapers worldwide, enjoyed on the Internet and heard in America and abroad through Univision Radio and the Organization of American States.
Don Flowers had a long career in newspaper cartooning that spanned over forty years and his cartoon images were at their height producing a single-panel pin-up cartoon strip named Glamour Girls.
In the 1970s, Joyce Holland created a cartoon strip using typewriter symbols.
The sale in Namur, southern Belgium, dominated by five large hand-drawn pages of original cartoon strips, raised e1/41,172,000, including charges, a world record for Herge-associated items and a cartoon strip book record in Belgium, said Thibaut Van Houtte, an expert on hand for the Rops auction house sale.
All the regular characters from the cartoon strip will be onstage from Alex's timid and inept sidekick Clive, to his long-suffering wife Penny, abrasive boss Rupert, stroppy client Mr Hardcastle, and many more.
I would love to see a cartoon strip about Keogh and her antics.
The original Captain Pugwash character, who was created by Rye author and illustrator John Ryan, first appeared as a cartoon strip more than half a century ago and has also featured in number of books and films.
In fact, he has his own cartoon strip, Signy the Superbad, loosely based on Norse mythology, in a newspaper.
Directed by Bill Armstrong, the Desert Opera Theatre production of ``Li'l Abner'' features a cast of more than 40 and a set reminiscent of the cartoon strip it is based on.
The latest addition to the anthologized series of the popular newspaper cartoon strip "Baby Blues", Playdate: Category 5 once again reunites us with the family of Darryl and Wanda MacPherson, their three children (Zoe, Hammie, and Baby Wren), along with the motley assortment of their friends and neighbors.
Cartoonist Dan Perkins, better known as Tom Tomorrow, has been drawing his weekly "This Modern World" cartoon strip for nearly twenty years.