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Synonyms for cartoon

Synonyms for cartoon

a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine

a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence

draw cartoons of

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Cartoonist Win Aung said they hold the cartoon exhibition every year for fund raising for flood relief as Myanmar faces these natural disasters every year.
The cartoon maker for teachers has lively animation effects that enable teachers to create cartoon presentations that offer a modern learning atmosphere that students enjoy.
Continue reading "The Immigration Debatein Cartoons" at...
In the cartoon from Italy, what does each ball represent?
For those who are less fortunate, not able to receive an education because of limited resources or have other problems that prevent development or access to certain language skills, a cartoon provides a visual representation in a simple format, making it easier to understand the meaning of more complex issues in just a single image.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Dr Murad Rass recently submitted a resolution in Punjab Assembly on Friday, demanding aban to be imposed on the Japanese Doraemon cartoons and foreign dramas.He said that these cartoons and dramas have adverse effects on the adolescents watching them.
When he entered the contest several months ago via email, Jones said he was unaware ex actly who was organizing it, or that the group had held a Holocaust cartoon contest.
The cartoons that portrayed the fighting of the Canadian Army were often as varied as the conditions themselves.
Cartoons differ in determination, whether they seek to amuse, as does comic art; make life more acceptable, as does the social cartoon; or convey order through administrative action, as does the effective newspaper cartoon [3].
Available in Hindi only, the new channel will include a line-up of popular Cartoon Network originals from Ben10, PPG, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time and many more in addition to popular Indian produced cartoon series that are also airing on Turner Channels in India.
This cartoon addresses Year 9 Science as a Human Endeavour--Considering the impacts of human activity on an ecosystem from a range of different perspectives (ACSHE160) and raised some interesting discussions in my classroom.
Over at Politico, their only Pulitzer Prize is held by their staff cartoonist, Matt Wuerker, a grizzled cartoon veteran who still draws cartoons using pen, ink and watercolor while creating a digital path for cartooning that legacy media can follow.
Critique: Absolutely 'user friendly', "Trosley's How to Draw Cartoon Cars" is a complete and step-by-step course of instruction that will enable even the most novice of aspiring artists to turn out professional quality automotive cartoons and cartoon art.
The circulation of a political cartoon at city hall last week poking fun at, or, if you prefer, castigating in crude imagery, the administration of Mayor Paul A.
Science (and the math behind it) is endlessly astounding and informative, each week delivering a ton of new topics that I could put into a cartoon.