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Synonyms for carton

Synonyms for carton

the quantity contained in a carton


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a box made of cardboard

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ESS-integrated carton labelers, coder, and check weighers allow manufacturers to fully automate the serialization and cartoning processes.
Both are ideal for more standard cartoning applications, while retaining the attractive and practical features of the Chinook, including all stainless steel construction, servo driven movements and quick change over features such as pre-sized templates for carton blank size changes.
The decision to purchase the latest machines was based on previous experience with Bradman Lake's cartoning machines.
Each of the other three lines is equipped with Bradman Lake cartoning machinery.
Before automating cartoning at North York, six operators had to set up cartons, load plastic bags of frozen chicken pieces and close each carton before shrink wrapping or tape sealing - all by hand.
However, when John Thayers sold Tesco the idea of an economy multi-pack for mixed flavoured ice creams for children, it became necessary to set-up a mechanised cartoning line, and the production of these brightly printed cartons necessitated the use of automation.
Since the brightly printed cartons were to be sold from retail freezers, good pack appearance was also a priority and the suppliers recommended cartoning machinery from Bradman-Lake Ltd, tel:0117-971 5228
After 15 minutes in a multi-lane nitrogen tunnel, they emerge ready for cartoning. These square-section tapered tubs are packed head-to-toe, to minimize carton size.
As they emerge, four flow-wrappers collate them into packs of six for cartoning at rates up to 150cpm by a fully automatic Bradlock SL300RB carton end-loader.
Many packers who do not require the output of fully automatic high speed systems employ semi automatic Bradlok cartoning machines in which the pockets are loaded by hand.
They operate two Bradlok 2/60 tray erectors as well as a semi automatic SL80 end-load cartoning system.