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Synonyms for carton

Synonyms for carton

the quantity contained in a carton


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a box made of cardboard

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Coun Mark Pritchard, the council's lead member for waste and the environment, said: "We still have some tough targets to meet, both as a county and as a nation, and we are delighted that Tetra Pak and the carton industry are supporting us.
In Asia, folding cartons are mainly used for packaging electronics, cosmetics and hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, and cigarettes.
The court heard Mr Carton suffered lacerations to his liver, stomach and diaphragm, as well as superficial wounds to his right arm, chest and the side of his face.
Initial tests suggested that the beetles avoided only the citronella-coated cartons.
14,000 cartons of Toffee Bar Crunch ice cream and Peanut Butter Cup have been voluntarily recalled recently by Edy's Grand Ice Cream with either of these two codes--18-1644 1127 613 or 18-1644 11 276D.
At the storage facility, the location of each carton is downloaded into a central computer.
Color-coded bands at the bottom of the carton help identify the three lines available in the Clik-Top package.
It's good this mirror is a little longer than the bottom of the carton.
She was an arts administrator in Weimar, and reported that Carton Ash was asking suspicious questions about a Bauhaus museum exhibit: "Why was there only now a Bauhaus exhibition organized in the GDR?
Ben & Jerry's "World's Best Vanilla ice cream will soon come in an Eco-Pint--a new paper carton made with unbleached paperboard.
The carton box industry in Indonesia grows rapidly with high demand from the packaging industry.
That is, the cartons of spools are delivered to an appropriate location on the creel room floor, and the creel loading machine works directly from the spool carton to each spindle of the creel.
To increase awareness about carton recycling, the Carton Council, a group of packaging companies seeking to reduce the environmental impact of cartons by expanding recycling programs across the country, and Earth911, Inc.
org, announces the launch of the second annual Carton 2 Garden contest, a nation-wide competition inviting K-12 students to repurpose milk and juice cartons to build creative gardens or enhance their schools' existing garden.