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of or relating to the making of maps or charts


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Lawrence was well aware that his travels towards Aqaba had cartographical significance.
This, at least from the perspective of posterity, was a blessing, as it means that we're still able to enjoy the craftsmanship and cartographical skills of the mapmakers of places such as Venice, Majorca and Genoa.
As a multi-disciplinary artist her work often draws upon cartographical references in order to investigate the ontological realities of human existence in a degenerating political social and religious environment.
Experimental work on key sites was carried out by means of the ArcGIS platform and displayed in a tabular and cartographical style.
So, the map of 1749, which was printed in Norinberg Johan Homan's family publishing house became a valuable piece of graphics, regarding its cartographical facts as well as esthetic appearance.
The line that separates "us" from "them," a border is a cartographical feature freighted with overtones of restriction and transgression -- particularly in areas, and eras, where such lines are contested.
Firstly, drawing upon the township's 1990 cadastral papers, scaled 1:2000 and upon the satellite image of 2010, as cartographical basis, the built footprint of the extant edifices was extracted.
These chapters not only provide a highly detailed overview of these many different sources on India's railways that fall into the categories of cartographical and statistical evidence but present even closer consideration of specific examples of these, both in the chapters and in the Appendix (pp.
Mayombe, the forest in Pepetela's novel, and the beach in Nkosi's, are the cartographical spaces that allow for the enactment of both drama and narrative.
The Independence Day special exhibition has a collection of maps of India from the 18th century to 1946, the exact time frame when cartographical creativity was at its peak.
Cartographic material used for the assessment of coastline dynamics Map Scale Year Maps of German Cartographical Service 1:25 000 1910 Maps of the USSR General Headquarters 1:25 000 1947 Maps of the USSR General Headquarters 1:10 000 1978 Ortophoto image 1:10 000 2010
The report on the cartographical plan comes after state media in January quoted a mapping administration official as saying China intended to survey the islands.
The experiment of participatory mapping in order to construct a cartographical alternative to the FHS
Through his textual appropriations and cartographical remappings, these writings embodied both the geographic wandering of his itinerary and the bodily spasms of his thought.