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of or relating to the making of maps or charts


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In Still Life, territoriality is expressed by the violent rewriting of the cognitive map of the displaced people, which renders the body politic abject by violently altering its cartographical coordinates.
After the aggregation, the obtained data of both models have been interfaced with spreadsheet software for the CBA, and limited to regional model data, with a GIS software to produce cartographical representations of the main variables.
But it turns out this was based on findings in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, which have no such cartographical confusions.
As a multi-disciplinary artist, her work often draws upon cartographical references in order to investigate the ontological realities of human existence in a degenerating political, social and religious environment.
Contending that the Mediterranean Sea itself is a subject within these plays, connecting performances with popular cartographical trends, exploring the role of women on stage, analysing the depictions of Middle Eastern 'foreigners', and addressing the interesting experiences of Jewish performance and their evident relationships with Commedia dell'Arte traditions, this is a book that will have much to offer anyone interested in early modern performance, Italian societies, or Mediterranean culture.
The farm is located in the approximate cartographical coordinates of: 14[degrees]26 'south latitude and 41[degrees]04' west longitude from Greenwich to 335 meters of altitude, data obtained by a GPS (Garmin Etrex, Legend Hcx).
The core section looks at geography between science and politics from the perspectives of geographical science, the thought of the farthest horizon in the Greek and Roman tradition, geography and politics in the Roman Empire, and cartographical science in Alexandria.
"The Curious Map Book", by Ashley Baynton-Williams, takes a quirkier approach to cartographical history.
"Pictorial elegance, cartographical deletion, and historiographical violence" and "Conclusions: Double silencing" sections reflect on the violent consequences that result from an uncomfortable intersection between cartography and historic preservation, looking in particular at the historical spaces that the maps commit to, as well as those that they omit.
The cartographical assistance that Bean was able to call on was sufficient for these limited purposes.
Lawrence was well aware that his travels towards Aqaba had cartographical significance.
As a multi-disciplinary artist her work often draws upon cartographical references in order to investigate the ontological realities of human existence in a degenerating political social and religious environment.
So, the map of 1749, which was printed in Norinberg Johan Homan's family publishing house became a valuable piece of graphics, regarding its cartographical facts as well as esthetic appearance.