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of or relating to the making of maps or charts

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Ultimately, though, the new techniques and resources for cartographic analysis, and the new insights that they uncover about British imperial vision at this critical moment, make this a path-breaking book.
The three authors of this book are very experienced in cartographic resources and participated heavily in the evolution of RDA.
The book provides a detailed text on cartographic principles and concepts.
After presenting a global overview of the process in the next section, we explain how the digital cartographic model (DCM) was produced.
I was applied in 2009 only for investigation of perception of cartographic signs in economic maps from the Lithuanian scholastic geographical atlases (Rociute 2009; Dumbliauskiene, Rociute 2009; Rociute, Dumbliauskiene 2009).
His work was recognised in 1991 when his team won the British Cartographic Society Design Award, whose winners in other years include the Atlas of Antarctica and the mapping of Hong Kong.
Tableau will now be able to offer its customers map visualisations with a choice of cartographic styles and fonts, more detailed boundaries, intelligent label placement, greater international coverage and up to 16 zoom levels.
If your taste is more literary than cartographic then watch our for the collection of books on Welsh topography.
A primer of GIS; fundamental geographic and cartographic concepts.
It first provides a historical overview of cartographic relief, discussing early symbols of mapping, teaching techniques in symbology and drawing, and discussing relief features.
Following his 1996 study on "cartographic writing," The Self-Made Map, Tom Conley explores the "cartographic impulse" in cinema, a visual and movement-oriented medium that, even more than written texts, is rife with maps and mapping techniques.
The Library of Congress scans cartographic materials at 300 dots per inch (dpi) with tonal resolution of 24-bit color and saves files in TIFF non-compressed file format.
* Free access to SRC's Explorer geocoder, the industry's only geocoder that is country independent, enabling developers in any country with a cartographic database to geocode any geographic component for international applications