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of or relating to the making of maps or charts

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The three authors of this book are very experienced in cartographic resources and participated heavily in the evolution of RDA.
The book provides a detailed text on cartographic principles and concepts.
I was applied in 2009 only for investigation of perception of cartographic signs in economic maps from the Lithuanian scholastic geographical atlases (Rociute 2009; Dumbliauskiene, Rociute 2009; Rociute, Dumbliauskiene 2009).
Throughout its 50-year history, ICA has brought together researchers, government mapping agencies, commercial cartographic publishers, software developers, educators, earth and environmental scientists, and those with a passion for maps.
Montage and editing effects provide striking examples of film's cartographic qualifies, as Conley shows in the transitions between scenes (especially wipes and lap dissolves) in Roma, cittB aperta, High Sierra, and Casablanca where two separate images are simultaneously visible in the frame--often a shot of a map that overlays or blends into a live-action sequence.
He was a consultant for the Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library (THDL) based at the University of Virginia and was a Cartographic Users Advisory Council (CUAC) member from 2002 to 2005.
Historic Maps of Armenia The Cartographic Heritage By Rouben Galichian published by IB TAURIS ISBN 1 86064 979 3 price 49.
Collected information is stored in a single database with cartographic capabilities.
Cartographic Users Advisory Council (CUAC) -- an organization that deals with issues involving cartographic materials and spatial data.
Reviewing postcolonial studies of colonial cartography, it argues that the transacted, interdiscursive quality of the colonial map, whilst invisible in the cartographic text itself, is revealed strikingly in the narrative accounts of the Great Arc Survey.
of Portland, ME, has produced a run of its summer ale to support an international cartographic conference.
However, because the cartographic symbols used by each group varied widely, confusion arose between the two cultures.
A project that uses the Web to track freight shipments and the factors that influence them, by MTMC's Transportation Engineering Agency, has won a cartographic honor.
Visualization is the purview of the cartographer who, confined to a study, produces cartographic images that represent particular social, political or economic spaces (3).
Using Cartographic Animation to Visualize Air Transportation Patterns.