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the quantity that a cart holds

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A wretched nag like that pulling such a cartload," said another.
I began to occupy my house on the 4th of July, as soon as it was boarded and roofed, for the boards were carefully feather-edged and lapped, so that it was perfectly impervious to rain, but before boarding I laid the foundation of a chimney at one end, bringing two cartloads of stones up the hill from the pond in my arms.
Now, there is, in good truth, a prince all bespangled over with gold and diamonds, enamelled with flowers like a spring meadow; he is about to plunge his empty hands into the immense coffer in which his now faithful -- but so lately unfaithful -- subjects have amassed one or two cartloads of ingots of gold.
On arriving at the gallery of slender columns, he took breath for a moment, and swore against the interminable staircase by I know not how many million cartloads of devils; then he resumed his ascent through the narrow door of the north tower, now closed to the public.
Bunyan mentions that above twenty thousand cartloads of wholesome instructions had been thrown in here without effect.
And he added that surely whole cartloads of words and theories could never fill that chasm.
All through the deplorable cause, everything that everybody in it, except one man, knows already is referred to that only one man who don't know it to find out--all through the deplorable cause, everybody must have copies, over and over again, of everything that has accumulated about it in the way of cartloads of papers (or must pay for them without having them, which is the usual course, for nobody wants them) and must go down the middle and up again through such an infernal country-dance of costs and fees and nonsense and corruption as was never dreamed of in the wildest visions of a witch's Sabbath.
Leigh Halfpenny, Rhys Webb, Jonathan Davies, Cory Allen and Eli Walker were ruled out and Liam Williams, Scott Williams and Hallam Amos suffered injuries during the game, but Wales refused to wilt, with Dan Biggar flawless in front of goal and the side getting over the line thanks to a cartload of true grit.
WE know other countries by a cartload of cliches - so Americans are loud, probably flamboyantly dressed and certainly a little on the large side.
If I carefully stack my cartload, and it's well balanced, I can push 100 pounds up trails and old logging roads by myself.
The study comes with a cartload of caveats and a suggestion that more research is needed; Fryer himself, who is African-American, says he undertook the study because of the lack of good data on officer-involved shootings and race He refers to his study as a first step, and cautioned that his findings don't rule out the possibility that race may be a factor in why there was a police-civilian interaction in the first place.
Forming and expressing one's own idea, de Valera believed, had more value than "a cartload of other people's ideas which are for the most part accepted without being boiled down, digested or assimilated.
He will sell a cartload of firewood, or a bag of paddy, or a basketful of vegetables, at a throwaway price.
In simpler language, if you have a cartload of groceries, you won't mind as much if the person in front of you has one, too.
And in 2013-14 and 2014-15, an investigation found that someone was swiping iPads by the cartload, with 68 iPads stolen from a high school charging cart this past summer.