cartilaginous fish

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fishes in which the skeleton may be calcified but not ossified

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Thus, this would put the explanation of the cartilaginous fish before both the birds and the four-footed egg-laying animals in so far as the cartilaginous fish bear live young and are more perfect than the others which generate perfect eggs.
Shallow to mid-water species (mean depth <500 m) consisting of groups composed of cartilaginous fish, flatfish, shelf rockfish, or a mixed subgroup of fish, and overall biomass all significantly declined over time.
Dubois et al [42] observed in a cartilaginous fish Squalus a stimulatory effect of insulin and IGF-I on DNA synthesis in premeiotic stages of proliferation of male germ cells.
It has been suggested that few managers worldwide are willing to constrain economically or socially important fisheries for the benefit of cartilaginous fish like sharks and rays.
What family of cartilaginous fish lays its eggs enclosed in a tough case known as a mermaid's purse?
Researchers have also debated whether Helicoprion was more like a modern shark or another ancient group of cartilaginous fish, the chimaera.
Skate fall into the class known as cartilaginous fish which also include sharks and rays.
Deep-sea shrimps (family Aristeidae) and other bony and cartilaginous fish composed the remaining 7.
Scientists at the University of Western Australia (UWA) say sharks and other cartilaginous fish have highly developed sensory systems and relatively large brains.
Of the 651 samples with identifiable prey remains, 605 (93%) contained fish bones, 347 (53%) had fish otoliths, 231 (36%) contained remains from cartilaginous fish, and 41 (6%) had cephalopod beaks.
Sharks belong to a cartilaginous fish group that also includes skates and rays.