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Congenital aplasia of the nasal columella and cartilaginous septum.
Additional cartilaginous and/or osseous lesions should be sought in patients with chondrosarcomas.
These findings are not specific to EMCS, and can be seen in other benign cartilaginous tumors.
###Major saddle nose corresponds to a marked lack of bony and cartilaginous
A metaplastic hyaline cartilaginous tissue with no mitosis and necrosis in foci was observed (Figure 4).
In 1925 Neumann for the first time described the presence of hyaline cartilage in the fundus of uterus between endometrium and myometrium; the reason of hysterectomy was pelvic inflammatory disease.1 After that Taylor and Roth published a detailed case series and considered possible causes of heterotopic cartilage within the myometrium.2 They witnessed that each of their cases of heterotopia was associated with either endometriosis or endometritis, suggesting metaplasia as the prime cause of heterotopia.2 Metaplasia is replacement of one type of tissue with another and is a normal response to chronic inflammation, tissue damage, repair and regeneration.1 Endometrium is the commonest site of cartilaginous heterotopia.
A: Otoscopic image shows a dome-shaped lesion in the posterior cartilaginous portion of the EAC.
The patient was also advised to receive post-operative radiation and to attend regular follow-ups as the recurrence rate is high for tumours arising from cartilaginous tissue.
Physical examination at the time of referral revealed no abnormalities of the joints or cartilaginous structures of the nose or ears.
Axial radiographs do not show cartilaginous structures and therefore give little information about the trochlea shape and patelofemoral articulation in infants and small children [13-15].
'This work clearly shows tissue engineering approaches for reconstruction of the ear and other cartilaginous tissues will become a clinical reality very soon,' said Lawrence Bonassar, a professor of biomedical engineering and mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, who has studied 3-D-printed ears in microtia patients.
The diagnostic clue of the lesion is "histological examination showed well-circumscribed lobulated mass (Figure 3) of cartilaginous tissue with no cellular atypia, necrosis, or vascular invasion.
The cartilaginous cap is the site of active growth, and the degree of maturity parallels the host bone.
The presence of a cartilaginous mass on the bony external auditory canal (EAC) is an unusual finding, with as few as 53 cases reported in the literature [1-7].
Ray, the fish seen in the video falls under the class "Chondrichthyes" that consists types of the cartilaginous fishes, including chimaeras or ratfishes, sharks, and batoids (rays, skates, guitarfish, and sawfishes).