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draft horse kept for pulling carts

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(2) Most relevantly, the photo essay on carthorses was selected for the Bamako Photographic Encounters with the theme "In and Around the City" and won him the Vodacom Journalist of the Year Award in 2006 (Jason 2014: n.p).
Pushchairs, deadly in the hands of ferocious, mad-eyed mothers, scythed through shoppers like Jonah Lomu going for the line; crazy, fat old ladies waddled to the left and right, deliberately preventing normal folk from passing; young yobs in hoods banged into people, posts and parked cars like badly blinkered carthorses; while buses mowed down pedestrians on zebra crossings (I made that last one up, but you get the picture).
Big strong carthorses I'm talking about, if you're wondering; resplendent in their polished leather and brass, staring with disdain at delicately limbed dressage horses waiting to show off.
Other good prices in the section were pounds 3,200 taken for an oil on canvas by Cecil Kennedy of roses (49x39cm) and pounds 4,200 for an oil by Thomas Smythe of carthorses on a track in the snow.
"But few teams can beat the likes of Brazil at their own game - if you've got a team of carthorses you can't expect to play a short passing game."
City defended like carthorses and allowed Charlton to cruise home.
The Baggies defended like Sunday morning carthorses though that would be doing a major disservice to your average parks player.
I READ the article in the ECHO (May 3) about May parades and carthorses.
9s are just carthorses. It is as if "workrate" were invented for the big, bearded Forest forward.
And then we realised they were talking banks, not carthorses.
Speaking of luggage, let's meet this year's carthorses. Step up former Bread star Jonathan "Johnny" Morris (aka Animal Tragic) who, according to Jim, "might surprise a few people".
Toby has been busy brushing up on his swordfighting as well as the famous speeches from Hamlet and says: "I'd forgotten that they work you like carthorses in this place.
Police horses, cavalry horses, heavy carthorses that pull brewers' drays, the ragand-bone horses, as well as those ridden for pleasure in London parks and on Wimbledon Common will still need to be shod.
To mark the occasion, just as in the old days, children from the local primary school were given rides around the village in a coach pulled by two carthorses similar to Duke.
In the World Cup, they were brilliant in beating New Zealand, but carthorses against Australia.