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draft horse kept for pulling carts

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"The other wasn't exactly a clothes horse - she walked more like a carthorse in a badly fitting bin liner.
At one point he was asked to describe his game today and he smiled: "There's still some life in the old carthorse." In that third round, Faldo offset two bogeys with six birdies over the brutish New York course that has turned grown men into jelly.
This article proposes a post-humanist reading of Fanie Jason's photo essay on carthorses in Greater Cape Town.
During the second half, the Sky cameras cut to Celtic's injured carthorse Georgios Samaras and the mikesmith gravely intoned: "This man would certainly have asked some questions of the Benfica defence if he'd been fit tonight."
"When it's swinging and nothing is happening, he is like a carthorse. He gets his head down and gets on with it.
Nelson the carthorse and his stableyard friends book a mini-holiday in Tenby while Mike the Milk is on a Union of Milkmen's minibreak in Llandudno.
It doesn't sound a lot but he's quite chunky - he looks like a small carthorse - and the side of the ditch was muddy and soft.
SHANGHAI STAR (2.40) is rated miles higher than his carthorse rivals and looks home and hosed in the seller.
Dobbin must be saved, not as a lumbering carthorse as implied by the name, but as a thoroughbred, racing ahead with ideas ..."
The thieves forced open two windows to reach the pounds 500 collection, which includes a mare and foals and a carthorse, on Wednesday night.
The former Wales and British Lions legend has decided to retire after an incredible 24 years on the pitch because he doesn't want to go out 'like an old carthorse'.
In one story, in just 14 minutes of a most precise, subtle and expressive reading by Branagh, the listener feels the misery of the poor cart-driver whose beloved son has died and who can find no one to listen to his grief other than his carthorse. The pain is palpable, as is the humor in "Oh The Public!".
Mounted on a carthorse, he reached Edinburgh on a cold Saturday afternoon in May, in the presence of a huge crowd.
Graves included with the note, a satirical poem titled 'The Horse Collar of Moran' which depicted Moran as a not quite thoroughbred carthorse who pulled the dray of Catholic puritanism behind him.
Alves is an accident waiting to happen and Wallace is a big carthorse now.