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draft horse kept for pulling carts

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By his own admission, he could not defend in the way you must in England and, to be brutal, had the build of a carthorse rather than a racehorse.
We do not want to see a thoroughbred turning into a hobbling carthorse again, knacker's yard looming" - Mike Atherton, former England cricket captain on why he believes the selectors should not yet recall Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff to the England team.
I've also played behind some defenders who were so bad they'd have made Dobbin the carthorse or Muffin the Mule look like Ronald Koeman (Get it?
But inexplicably Ranieri brought on Juan Veron, who has barely played a match all season, in place of the lively Jesper Gronkjaer and it was like swapping a thoroughbred for a carthorse.
But the 44-year-old must be worried that this won't be the place for him to hit back at former coach David Leadbetter's recent description of him as 'a carthorse.
But the fact that he played like a carthorse might be a disadvantage.
He also upsets the owner of a lame carthorse and has his mate's aunt come on to him.
AFTER visiting the Albert Dock, I couldn't believe I saw the statue of the Liverpool Carthorse in an old stockyard on the Canning Dry Dock site amongst all the rubble.
Luca Messi, the unlikely combination of Italian carthorse Luca Toni and Barcelona superstar Leo Messi, is 12-1 to beat Rhodes and that looks way too short.
I guess if Sturridge had been some ageing carthorse like Heskey, then Martin O'Neill would have been first in the queue for his services.
While rank on the rink Todd Carthorse and Coleen Nolan were struggling to stay upright, the mighty Quinn was spinning somersaults.
Why play with pacey wide men Duff and Lovenkrands, yet have a carthorse up front in Ameobi?
We do not want to see a thoroughbred turning into a carthorse hobbling to the knacker's yard again.
Note the trolley power lines and the carthorse (47-2335)