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Synonyms for carthorse

draft horse kept for pulling carts

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Young grooms pose alongside their charge in a stable; a lone, thin carthorse and her accompanying men trawl the streets of an informal settlement.
40) is rated miles higher than his carthorse rivals and looks home and hosed in the seller.
The thieves forced open two windows to reach the pounds 500 collection, which includes a mare and foals and a carthorse, on Wednesday night.
He said he doesn't want to go out like an old carthorse.
In one story, in just 14 minutes of a most precise, subtle and expressive reading by Branagh, the listener feels the misery of the poor cart-driver whose beloved son has died and who can find no one to listen to his grief other than his carthorse.
This lady in red was once dubbed a carthorse by Carol Vorderman, but we think she looks very svelte at five months gone in this picture.
No, not the 100 metres final when Ben Johnson, built like a carthorse with muscles straining, ran away from a quality field with the extra help of being a drugs cheat.
Friends counselled her to use a harness, but this only made things worse, allowing him to use his full power, like a carthorse.
With just over a third of the season gone there are only six teams in this division who have conceded more goals than Blues and there lies the main problem: sloppy, lazy ball retention coupled with ponderous, carthorse defending that summed up Hull City's second and third goals.
We have a [sic] experienced thoroughbred, they have a three-legged carthorse.
Hopefully they will find most of the savings by streamlining the WAG into a cost effective body which is more like a racehorse than a carthorse.
They have driven a carthorse through the spirit of the rules and regulations.
While rank on the rink Todd Carthorse and Coleen Nolan were struggling to stay upright, the mighty Quinn was spinning somersaults.
We do not want to see a thoroughbred turning into a hobbling carthorse again, knacker's yard looming" - Mike Atherton, former England cricket captain on why he believes the selectors should not yet recall Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff to the England team.
The B&Q manageress keeps Henry, a 12-year-old skewbald carthorse, in a field in Humbleburn Lane, Craghead, along with a yearling called Megan and a 31-year-old pony called Smokie.