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  • noun

Synonyms for cartel

a combination of businesses closely interconnected for common profit

a group of individuals united in a common cause

an association, especially of nations for a common cause

Synonyms for cartel

a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service

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This action demonstrates our determination to target both emerging and established leaders within the Sinaloa Cartel, including Felix Beltran as well as Alfonso Limon Sanchez, and to combat their illicit activities through financial sanctions.
Still, in summation, The Cartels is a well-researched and highly readable work that would make for an excellent college textbook and be of interest to more general readers such as military officers and policy makers interested in this subject matter.
Cartel gunmen usually flee before the vigilantes arrive in towns, burning vehicles to cover their escape.
Two major trends suggest that antitrust cartel enforcement is different relative to other areas of corporate crime.
The proximity of the Pacific port allowed local cartels to branch out from marijuana production into producing 'crystal meth', as methamphtamine is known, and went on to establish a trade now worth billions.
About 80,000 people have died since 2007 at the hands of the cartels.
This trial documented the violence, brutality and corruption generated by Mexican drug cartels, in this case the particularly ruthless Los Zetas," U.
From the bottom floor of a dangerous drug lab, to the rooftops of a sky rise, Alpha and Bravo must infiltrate the Cartel's stronghold and overcome hordes of cartel members, all the while working together to survive.
Despite the violence, the Juarez cartel failed to crush their Sinaloa rivals, who are suspected of feeding information on their enemies to the US Drug Enforcement Agency.
But no such application has been filed for the alleged cartel.
Soon after the coming into force of changes to the criminal provisions in the Competition Act, the commissioner of competition signalled that cartel enforcement would start to reflect a new mindset, one that treats cartels as truly criminal.
Washington, June 30 ( ANI ): A new, horrific footage shows members of a Mexican drug cartel beheading hostages from a rival gang Zetas, marking the latest act of violence in the growing war over drug-smuggling territories in Mexico.
US FEDERAL agents investigating the money-laundering activities of Mexican drug cartels have arrested a major racehorse owner, Jose Trevino Morales, the brother of a man suspected of being one of the leaders of a notorious drug-trafficking cartel.
The four Bulgarian fuel retailers accused of entering into a cartel agreement have not filed written objections with the Commission on Protection of Competition (KZK) within the statutory 30-day period.
ISLAMABAD -- The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) Tuesday provided 100 percent reduction in penalty to a multi-national Semens Company for breaking a decade-long cartel in switchgear and transformer sectors.