carte du jour

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a list of dishes available at a restaurant

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Recognized as the heaven of Japanese food lovers in Edmonton, their mark will uplift the value of carte du jour.
Bistro One's simple, yet creative lunch carte du jour highlights the integrity of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, including in-house preparations, such as freshly-made bread, salad, pasta, in addition to the imported steak.
If you've already been to Hyatt's Sunday Brunch then it's no surprise that you've experienced the pleasure offered and tinted by its lavish carte du jour. What is most fascinating about salad recipes is that they are intricately prepared given the fact minutest details make the most difference in a lot of things.
Indeed, there was enough high-caliber tension in Busch Hall that, as Cuno, the Elizabeth and John Moors Cabot Director of the Harvard University Museums, raised his glass to those assembled, he could only hope such a stereotypical carte du jour would not turn the stomachs of his dinner guests.
There are those who will say that this year's carte du jour at Chez Oscar reflects Hollywood's obsession with escapism, fantasy, violence and the bizarre.