cart track

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any road or path affording passage especially a rough one

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6 Leave the cart track where it swings round to the right for a second time and follow a signed footpath which leads through the trees and down to the banks of Afon Marsiandwr.
Enter the field on the right at a field gate and bear diagonal left across the open field to reach a cart track with a waymark post.
There are further gates and waymarks to lead us to a farm cart track.
Freda Trigg, of Kirkheaton, says the footpath leading to Houses Hill is actually called Long Tongue Scrogg Lane and is now more of a cart track, running up from Laneside Lane to Houses Hill and Carr Mount.
Liverpool Crown Court was told Ryan was biking with friends on the path known as Sutton''s Cart Track. He was travelling at 19mph when he hit the cable and sustained fatal injuries after being thrown from his bike.
Turn left to the top of the field and join a cart track on the Leicester Round path.
We are directed left along a wide cart track. Keep ahead at a waymark post to go past a water lily pool - a beautiful tranquil spot.
"I saw it going down the cart track, and after that I don't know where it went,'' said Harrington.
Surtees unveiled a new clubhouse at Buckmore Park Cart Track in Kent, the first step in a plan to create a motor sport academy.
It needed just three more years for the full 18 holes to come into play though it was entirely different to the layout we know today with the road, that cuts through the course, nothing more than a cart track back then running from Nottage village to Ton Kenfig.
That court heard how gamekeeper Adrian Johnson had put up a sign warning of "No access" to a private road known as Sutton's Cart Track in an attempt to stop a spate of flytipping and to deter anglers from parking there.
Then Northumberland is all right till north of Morpeth when it intermittently becomes highly dangerous, 'a cart track' and the worst road in the land.