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experiencing motion sickness

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Carsick functions partly as a close examination of modest fame at work in immodest America." DWIGHT GARNER
An unhealthy or carsick puppy makes a poor student.
The woman and her husband were driving to Wuhan, Hubei, province, when their 'dog felt carsick', reports the China Daily.
Get lost in a good book--if you don't get carsick when you read!
OLIVIA (Turns off the music): Sorry, I get carsick.
Tokarz remembers getting carsick to rock songs from the '80s as a kid, but she, too, loves the show.
"I get carsick and seasick - that is why I ride a motorbike.
"If they get carsick or seasick, I give them a scopolamine patch to place behind the ear the night before."
(The carsick one never made it into print, for some reason.) I like the power of language, the way that it's possible to suit something to an audience while keeping it strong, not condescending to an audience, but meeting them and maybe leading them on a little further, in terms of vocabulary.
Cats getting carsick and vomiting on the seat, big dogs needing to go number two and when you're on the highway there is nothing you can do.
Talk about realistic--people were getting carsick in the theater.
If a child is feeling carsick, taking a break can help ease the queasiness.
Weathers and her mother, Juanita Brown, who moved to Springfield two years ago from Crescent City, Calif., to be near her three grown children, laugh easily together as they share mother-and-daughter memories, including the propensity of family members to become carsick driving to and from Crescent City along Northern California's winding coastal roads.
We even learn that Escriva once helped a carsick friend after he had vomited all over himself.
Then you know it's tough to navigate safely and keep things sane when your charges get carsick, argue, lurch for fallen toys, or complain that 15 minutes must be up because they've counted to 60 that many times.