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the opportunity cost of unproductive assets

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As a result, the inventory carrying cost of dealers between April 2014 and May 2015 decreased by 40-50 percent.
I = Out-of-pocket inventory carrying cost per year, as a percentage of unit purchase cost
Even when they use WACC to calculate the inventory capital carrying charge, companies often make the mistake of adding the before-tax percentage inventory noncapital carrying costs (like our example of 10 percent) to the after-tax cost of capital (say 9 percent) to get the total carrying cost (19 percent).
But "it's imperative to also use activity- or process-based costing to identify costs for such things as inventory carrying costs and order processing," says Marc Shingles, customer profitability solution/practice leader for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.
If the future cash flow expected to be generated by an asset, less the future cash flow expected to be necessary to obtain those inflows, is less that the current carrying cost, an impairment would be present and a loss must be recognized.
That is, the additional carrying cost for inventory is the current tax cost (including both regular and alternative minimum tax) less the present value of the future tax savings in periods when the delayed deduction becomes a current deduction.
Government authorities have launched a probe following a report on overrated purchase and carrying costs of furniture and other household appliances for officials and employees of the mega-project, and the initial action came halfway through.
Although half of those respondents (40) provided at least some data on their costs as a percentage of sales, only 28 identified "inventory carrying cost" as a logistics cost.
Seen in this light, the credit investigation functions is to enable the seller to make better credit decisions by refining estimates of bad debt loss and carrying cost, thus identifying advantageous and disadvantageous customers.
In such cases, the tax paid on exercise by the option holder will usually exceed the tax savings to the corporation, so the carrying cost of the difference could be substantial.
In turn, the same size condominium has a carrying cost of approximately $375 per month and the selling prices are averaging $380,000.
Carrying costs for debt and post-employment benefits are elevated but the village maintains adequate flexibility to reduce spending.
The versatility of a BellatRx Packaging Cell allows for decreased inventory carrying costs, quick response to increased demand from customers and a reduction in product waste, according to the company.
The funding was used to retire existing debt and provide carrying costs until the sale or redevelopment of the property.
* Inventory carrying costs, such as the costs of work-in-progress and finished goods