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Synonyms for capacity

Synonyms for capacity

physical, mental, financial, or legal power to perform

the ability or power to seize or attain

Synonyms for capacity

capability to perform or produce


the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment

the amount that can be contained


the maximum production possible

Related Words

a specified function

(computer science) the amount of information (in bytes) that can be stored on a disk drive

an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored

the power to learn or retain knowledge

tolerance for alcohol

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With reference to the plant nutrients the carrying capacity is marked by the static return.
This paper is aimed to determine minimum end distance and bolt spacing when LVL Sengon is used so that evaluation of load carrying capacity given by EYM is still applicable.
In the world, the definition of water energy carrying capacity is not consistent.
Section 2 explores factors influencing the carrying capacity of suburb lines under the express-slow mode.
In the study Tourism Carrying Capacity of Boracay Island conducted in 2008, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources said Boracay had a capacity of 10,116.
Many studies have been conducted to determine the carrying capacity of a particular area for the whitetail deer (2).
Tourism ecological carrying capacity refers to the quantity ([hm.
Andrea Bucci, marketing director at Iveco said: "Key to Daily's success in winning the Best Light Truck title two years in a row is its impressive load carrying capacity, with the range including the largest panel van available on the market, offering a load carrying capacity of 17.
In the case of the Altea XL the vehicle remains a five-seater but gets more rear leg room and greater carrying capacity for luggage.
The all thin-film device is said to have significant multifunctional capabilities when compared to transistors, thanks to its high current carrying capacity and unique modulation gain.
The consortium of PT Pelyaran Meratus - K-Line will build 3 tankers each with a carrying capacity of 153,000 cubic meters to be built by Samsng Heavy Industries.
The formation of foam during production can affect the quality of finished products, or impede the manufacturing process by reducing the carrying capacity of containers or causing pumping problems, according to company literature.
Based on the Fabia Estate, which has been providing more space and better value in the sector for years, the Bohemia has all of the estate's legendary carrying capacity (426 litres; 1,225 litres with the rear seats folded) and even more equipment as standard.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-15 April 2005-Eidsiva 2 RoRo KS increases carrying capacity of M/V Vinni and M/V Vibeke(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The design for the roadway alternative replicates the traffic carrying capacity of FDR Drive, and preserves entrances and exits.