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transfer from one time period to the next

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2018 would expand the FTC carryforward rules to 10 years, bringing them more in line with the rules for net operating losses and general business tax credits.
The statement assumes benefit from a carryforward, creating an asset for that benefit.
X will have an NOL carryforward of $3 million and an ATNOL carryforward of $3.
As a practical matter, in most carryforward cases where the SRLY rules apply, a change in ownership under section 382(g) also occurs.
Future taxable income exclusive of reversing temporary differences and carryforwards.
TEI agrees that the carryforward period could be usefully expanded in order to ensure that operating losses do not expire unused.
965 inclusion, would have a current-year loss, or an NOL carryforward that eliminates or reduces taxable income for the year or limits current taxable income.
Although increasing the carryforward would seemingly benefit taxpayers with expiring NOLs, as a practical matter NOLs normally do not expire because the 15-year carryforward is sufficient time in which to absorb the losses.
Companies reported capital loss carryforwards, foreign tax credits and other potential future tax benefits that require unique types of future taxable income for realization or which have relatively limited carryforward or carryback periods.
A multi-year tax projection that represents the effect of an NOL carryback and carryforward will likely be the best tool to maximize an NOL'S benefit.
Some States incorporate the federal 15-year carryforward and 3-year carryback periods.
In addition, if corporations acquire assets to avoid net recognized built-in gains and the resulting tax, the asset and any loss, deduction or carryforward will be disregarded.
10 monthly dividend is contingent upon either (i) the Fund maintaining a tax loss carryforward or (ii) receiving exemption from Rule 19b-1 allowing the Fund to make multiple capital gain distributions in a year.
For its 2004 tax year, L has a $10 deduction item, a $20 NOL carryforward, $15 of income and a $5 RBIG attributable to an asset acquired from G.
This is especially true in the case of corporations where, owing to the vagaries of the business cycle, the annual determination of tax liability is partially mitigated by loss and credit carryback and carryforward provisions in order to measure and average over time the corporation's true economic income.