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box-shaped baby bed with handles (for a baby to sleep in while being carried)

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They fix securely on the bulkhead position and - unlike the existing flat carrycots -- can be moved through a range of positions from horizontal to upright.
Globetrotting toddlers will no longer have to sit on their parents' knees or lie in an in-flight carrycot, but can travel in safety and style in their very own Infant seat - at no extra charge.
Last year a site at Morrisons supermarket was scaled down, no longer taking plastics, cans, tins, paper or cardboard, after a period when everything from pushchairs to carrycots had been dumped.
Smugglers have thrown drugs over the walls, concealed them internally on their bodies and have used babies and carrycots to hide substances in,' said Mr Rowlands.
At the moment, car carrycots are tested head-on at 30mph.
editor Malcolm Coles said makers should stop promoting carrycots for use in cars unless they could prove babies would be safe in more severe crashes.
Making carrycots more rigid, to withstand 40mph impacts, would compromise safety at lower speeds.
to warn parents to avoid two carrycots that it described as 'potential death- traps.
One of the carrycots, the Navetta from manufacturer Mamas & Papas, 'virtually disintegrated' in a head-on crash at about 40mph, according to Which?
Editor Malcolm Coles said, 'Based on our findings, manufacturers should stop promoting carrycots for use in cars unless they can prove babies would be safe in the more severe crashes that EuroNCAP use in their tests.
Wheelchairs , walking aids and carrycots must also be labelled and carried in the hold.
The British Standards Institute has published guidelines on safety requirements for carrycots and stands, but no specific standards on the length of handles have been defined.