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box-shaped baby bed with handles (for a baby to sleep in while being carried)

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One of the carrycots, the Navetta from manufacturer Mamas & Papas, 'virtually disintegrated' in a head-on crash at about 40mph, according to Which?
Editor Malcolm Coles said, 'Based on our findings, manufacturers should stop promoting carrycots for use in cars unless they can prove babies would be safe in the more severe crashes that EuroNCAP use in their tests.
The second carrycot, The Tracker from Bebecar, performed badly in a simulated side-impact crash.
Carrycots with restraint straps are not designed to withstand the considerable forces generated in an accident.
At the moment, car carrycots are tested head-on at 30mph.
editor Malcolm Coles said makers should stop promoting carrycots for use in cars unless they could prove babies would be safe in more severe crashes.
Their parents had 13 attempts at fertility treatment before conceiving and as tiny babies they had to have six of everything - carrycots, highchairs and probably pairs of hands.
In recent weeks everything from toilet seats to pushchairs, carrycots, old tomato boxes and garden refuse have been dumped at the site.
"We made our bedroom the nursery with six carrycots and had charts on the wall so we could remember who we'd fed.
"In those days, people really did think The Archers was real and I was sent carrycots and baby clothes," recalls Angela.
A baby may also be placed in a fastened carrycot (with hard sides).