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box-shaped baby bed with handles (for a baby to sleep in while being carried)

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"I was coming out of my mum's house, coming down the step and the carrycot fell off the frame," said Bethan, 18.
"We gave her a carrycot and other items and we would like to do more to help them," she said.
They vary from a portrait of a heptathlete on a running track to a stack of egg trays to a Tunisian building, and from a close up of a photocopier to a snapshot of a baby sleeping in a carrycot in the front of a car (Fig.
A blonde woman pal tightly clutched the handle of his carrycot, which was draped in a white blanket, as the party hurried into the hospital on the Algarve.
He suddenly strode backstage, returned with a carrycot containing the sleeping Lexie, and placed her on the table between the two actors.
Shortly afterwards he was joined by his wife, holding a six-week-old infant in a carrycot. More work is needed on my sales pitch, I think.
Unfortunately the money used for this had been earmarked for a new carrycot for Julie.
Or top-of-the-rage is the 8-in-1 Ultima for dhs5,265 (the price of a second-hand car in some garages in Dubai!) By investing in a stand, chassis and various carrying devices, it can morph from a pram, bed, carrycot, rear and forward-looking pushchair through to a car seat and travel system.
The baby was crying and the boys were bickering and I drove off, leaving my carrycot on the pavement.
In May 1986, when Penn snr was helping Halesowen sweep aside Southall in the final, young Russ was still in his carrycot.
The Osbornes had a top-of-the-range pushchair that also worked as a car seat and a carrycot. It worked perfectly until Lisa found it was impossible to get it onto the pavement because the exit was partly blocked by the damaged pillar and gate.
A MINISTER yesterday told of a community in shock after a baby boy was killed when his mother accidently reversed her car over his carrycot.
WIN a state-of-the-art pushchair, carrycot and car seat for your baby!
Tom went to Newmarket in a carrycot when he was three weeks old.
standing on the bare floorboards in the front bedroom just after we moved to this house in Streatham Hill in 1951, my baby sister in her carrycot. We both watched the dumpy retreating figure of the health visitor through the curtainless windows.