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box-shaped baby bed with handles (for a baby to sleep in while being carried)

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Martin George, British Airways Director of Marketing, said: "Parents told us that there was a real need for some kind of special seating for toddlers who are often too large to lie comfortably in airline carrycots or sit on their parent's knee but too small to sit in an adult seat.
Teresa Bell told an inquest how she found the dog sitting inside the carrycot on a table in the family's living room.
Kim Taylor Duncan was ordered out of the theatre by staff after settling down to watch the certificate 15 film as baby Euan slept in his carrycot.
fast asleep in his carrycot yesterday, just yards from where his parents lay in their coffins, was baby Jake - orphaned at six months old following a tragic holiday accident.
Some parents prefer a Moses basket or carrycot for the first few months, but there's no reason why your baby can't sleep in a cot straightaway.
The first group of siblings who came to stay with the Lewis family arrived with nothing except a makeshift carrycot for the youngest child who was just a baby.
There was much laughter of recognition from the predominantly female audience, although as a dad (a species generally given rather short shrift here) I could certainly identify with the exhausted mother desperately bouncing her daughter off to sleep, and forgetting to stop bouncing once the carrycot containing a now-slumbering baby was safely entrusted to the floor.
Only problem was, tiny though she is, Havana's weight, combined with that of her carrycot, made walking with any semblance of model- girl finesse totally impossible.
I date things by my children: my son had just been born when I did it because he came to dress rehearsals in his carrycot.
The van also contained toys and a carrycot for his baby daughter, Angel, who won't be able to travel with him until be replaces the items.
He took everything - a carrycot, baby clothes and toys.
She put her in her carrycot and then dozed off on the sofa.
The body was close to a number of items including a carrycot, blankets, and pieces of paper with various children's names written on them.