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a capacious bag or basket

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Look for other material-handling buckets, forks and platform carryalls from Swisher and a few other manufacturers.
The fanciest ones can cost some money upfront, of course, but there are many others that are either cheap or cost nothing at all, because they involve turning surplus household items such as old T-shirts into funky carryalls.
Carry Alongs: 15 Crochet Handbags & Purses for Every Occasion is a step-by-step guide to crafting contemporary carryalls, drawstring designs, shoulder bags, and evening purses.
Take a walk on the wild side with these purses, clutches and small carryalls that mimic nature's best.
By Suzanne D'Amato The Bag Designers from Louis Vuitton to Juicy Couture churn out covetable carryalls each season, but fashion now is about being creative, not toting the same purse as every Sienna, Sofia and Kirsten on the block.
The line features D, T, and U bags that come in woven-leather totes; waterproofed wax canvas messenger bags; minaudieres in chocolate or mink alligator; and carryalls in moss, cognac, and eggplant lamb.
We know they are kitted out with a rod, reel, line and other basics by birthdays, Christmas and other gifts, but angling luggage - a trade term for rod holdalls, carryalls and other goodies - usually takes hard saving and more time to buy.
Hundreds of millions of years ago they were plant and animal life, but they subsequently turned into oil that was pumped out of the ground and made into cheap carryalls emblazoned with smiley faces.
Attachment options include trenchers, forks, cement bowls, brooms, backhoes, tillers, saws, carryalls, breakers, snow blowers, bores, rakes, blades, auger, turf cutters as well as multiple bucket types.
Consistent with its positioning efforts, Connoisseurs has brought convenience to the jewelry care category with such items as jewelry wipes, a cleansing gel and brush, and jewelry carryalls.
Back home, I glue a tag to the bottom telling where I bought it and for how much." (Large baskets can come in handy as carryalls, too.)
For daytime, our smooth leather oversized totes make perfect carryalls," Trotter said.
To brighten the traditional mannish palette ("If you want a brown bag do not come to me," he says), Janus looked to his sneaker closet for inspiration, while keeping the old masculine faithfuls in mind, like doctor bags and carpenter-inspired carryalls.
From carryalls to cars, here are a few ideas to help you go green and save the planet in style!