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a capacious bag or basket

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By funding the Carryall Wagon's operation, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is helping to increase accessibility to all of our museum for senior citizens and guests with physical challenges,'' said Jim Donahue, president and CEO of Old Sturbridge Village.
It could be a messenger bag, a tote or a duffel and carryall bag.
A ton of solutions have been presented to solve this tiresome dilemma, but none like The Pandora Carryall by Bad Wolf Outfitters, which features an array of high-end technological solutions including built-in solar panels and backup battery for on-the-go charging needs, Bluetooth activated locator chips that communicate directly with smartphones, USB ports to back-up data and built-in speakers.
Well, actually, the first SUV was introduced by US marque Chevrolet in 1935 with the Carryall Suburban, a capable, practical and dependable machine which could carry up to eight adults plus their luggage.
And it's easy to drop in your biz carryall, just grab and go for a lunch date ($26.
It was way back in the mid-1930s that Chevrolet claims to have invented the SUV with the introduction of the Carryall Suburban and now 78 years later the company is hoping its entry into the compact SUV market will be just as successful.
Rich all-leather styles include an ostrich print computer carryall, fashion-forward leather crocodile printed hobo, smooth leather totes and a very popular distressed brown leather satchel.
The US company, which claims to have invented the class more than 75 years ago with the Suburban Carryall, says Chevy fans will have a choice of three engines plus an on-demand allwheel drive system.
Famed photographer Annie Leibowitz shot the 27-year-old swimming champion soaking in the bathtub - his jeans tucked into his pricey carryall, for French luxury bag maker's new campaign, the New York Daily News reported.
It was back in 1935 when the marque, now part of American giant General Motors, introduced the Suburban Carryall, a mix between an eight-seater people carrier and a utility vehicle whose seats could quickly be removed to create a Tardis-like load area.
Our three young stars each win a Shakespeare Mach XT carryall, so they keep all their tackle tidy and smart.
A frequent traveler needs a bag that holds up through everyday wear and tear The Cobra case by Booq has pockets galore that fit a laptop, camera, cell phone and other accessories into one carryall.
Bugaboo bags are a cool carryall whether it's for the office or a weekend break.
It's spacious enough to carryall of your essential evening-bag items.
Whether it's a casual carryall or a ritzy, black satin evening clutch, you'll love answering the question, "Where did you get that bag?