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a capacious bag or basket

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It's completely on trend to bring out that carryall tote -- it'll make lugging around your phone, wallet, make-up pouch, sunscreen, and sunglasses a breeze.
This washable basket is great for the harvest season, but we've found ours to be versatile enough to work as a garden toolkit, a kindling basket, or a knitting carryall. We recommend you drop an extra $4 for the hand-painted logo because you'll be admiring it for many years to come.
From a single flat piece of heavyweight leather, the duo conceived the Market tote, a die-cut carryall that takes shape with a lift of the handles.
A powerful electric engine in each wheel drove the Tournapull, all controls were electric push buttons or switches, and when hitched in front of a LeTourneau Carryall, it could move a full load at 15 mph, and return empty at 20 mph.
But hardly a day goes by when I don't visualize myself standing on the ambulance ramp behind Charity Hospital in New Orleans, looking south down Gravier Street and seeing a blue Chevrolet Carryall (now called a Suburban) turning off Loyola Ave., our three preschool children peering out the windows, coming to have dinner with daddy.
Equal parts hip and urbane, a structured carryall doubles as a backpack.
A $22,500 gift from HPHC will fund a much-needed additional "Carryall Wagon'' to transport museum guests from the 1830s town center out into the Village Countryside.
The company is showcasing its Club Car brand, with its new Carryall range.
* Keep a kit: This should include a first aid kit, some emergency tools, a battery powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries, a spare set of car keys, credit cards, cash, water, nonperishable food, blanket/ sleeping bag, a waterproof tarp, all packed in a backpack or carryall so you can grab it and go.
Since the Chevrolet Suburban Carryall founded the SUV segment in 1935, the brand has been known for designing, engineering and building great SUVs.
In 1935 the American brand's Carryall Suburban became the first sports utility vehicle, going on to claim the record for the longest-running vehicle nameplate in the world.
Robin Gould of Blandford, Dorset won a Sharpe's Gordon 4 salmon rod; Lynne Tempest of Farnham, Surrey won a Hardy Carryall Bag; and David Halton of Matfen, Northumberland received a Wychwood Gye landing net and bag.
Telephone 0121 4296107 or email The Environment Agency's Logbook Draw for the Tyne was made and the winners were: Robin Gould, from Blandford, Dorset, winning a Sharpes Gordon Fly Rod donated by Sharpes of Aberdeen; Mrs Lynne Tempest from Farnham, Surrey, winning a Hardy Carryall Bag provided by Frasers Angling and Outdoors of Gateshead; and David Halton of Matfen, Northumberland, winning a Wychwood Gye net and bag supplied by Harris Sportsmail of Norfolk.
In 1935, Chevrolet invented the SUV with the introduction of the Carryall Suburban.
Although it will be her first time in a handbag campaign, Chung had a hugely successful carryall named after her by Mulberry.