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application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation

the accumulated and undivided profits of a corporation after provision has been made for dividends and reserves

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Europolitics understands that EU leaders are disposed to allow such carry-overs to be subject to qualified majority voting in Council.
It applies to all gifts that would otherwise fall under the special 30% limitation for that year, including carry-overs subject to the special 30% limitation.
The 2013 list includes six carry-overs from 2012, though nations like the Bahamas, Chile, Serbia and Argentina fell off for declining in environmental protection.
I always reconsider the list of carry-overs from the past week.
With some of the answers you will need to think outside the box and use carry-overs.
Getting married for a second time often places more demands on people, as they have carry-overs of memories, habits and expectations from their first marriage.
The engine line-up is a mixture of familiar carry-overs and new arrivals, with biofuelcompatible engines also on the agenda.
The non-diffusive and chemically resistant materials used in the optics and operational controls, and the gap-free construction of the sensors, prevent bacterial carry-overs.
The corporation being acquired has unused net operating losses, capital losses or tax credit carry-overs.
1374, loss of net operating loss carry-overs, and the inventory LIFO recapture tax.
Some are carry-overs from the past year or years; others present new challenges.