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Synonyms for carry-over

application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation

the accumulated and undivided profits of a corporation after provision has been made for dividends and reserves

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While most of Abacus Securities Corporation's top picks for 2019 are carry-overs and have already been recommended late this year, the firm has renewed its recommendation for East West Bank as its stock price is seen to have bottomed after a couple of unfortunate events and is seen to be recovering.
Since the minimums have been raised, the carry-overs are much larger - pounds 60 or pounds 70 is the norm - and this obviously attracts more money chasing the pot, and strengthens the pool.
He said the two things that worried him about all-professional stewards were doubts about consistency (!) and worries about 'carry-overs' from previous days impacting on an inquiry.
In many instances, these problems were carry-overs - the impact of competing identities and loyalties that Arab immigrants brought with them as they made their way to the New World.
Indeed, many of the largest 'build, build, build' projects are carry-overs from the last six years.
For a couple who have filed a joint return for many years, there could be several types of carry-overs coming into the year in which one spouse dies.
Officials are hoping the weather turns out better than forecast to avoid any carry-overs.
In addition, payment carry-overs from 2013 and the need for banking sector recapitalisations this year will weigh on the fiscal balance and increase the government's borrowing requirements.
Both V-6s are carry-overs, from eight years ago at the last redesign.
It applies to all gifts that would otherwise fall under the special 30% limitation for that year, including carry-overs subject to the special 30% limitation.