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New to eBags is the Bluesmart Carry-On which features real-time location tracking, an internal battery with six iPhone charges, a built-in scale, and a Bluesmart app that delivers proximity alerts and travel itinerary updates.
My and my cronies produced our own carry-ons, running and laughing like the kids in Astoria My and my cronies produced our own carry-ons, running and laughing like the kids in Astoria PAUL ENGLISH
New York, Jan 11 ( ANI ): Clarkson University has concluded in its latest research that carry-on bags can speed up the plane's boarding process.
Anyone who's flown on a commercial airliner in recent years has seen the problem: Passengers who are determined not to spend the time or money to check their bags at the ticket counter are blocking the aisle, struggling to try to force an oversized carry-on bag into overhead bins that are resisting the effort.
Baggage being donated include signed carry-ons, party purses, briefcases and guitar cases which will be auctioned off on ebay, an online marketplace during two seven day auction periods until 6 June 2011.
If you tell people about the carry-ons at Wimbledon they'd say, 'No way, not at a football club'.
Staff had spotted it when a Russian woman traveller put it inside an X-ray scanner for carry-ons.
Next, just before boarding, we got a second hand inspection of carry-ons - again just a random poke.
Each peace of luggage must not exceed 32 kilograms, with carry-ons
It's not that it's particularly heavy, but it's an awkward item to carry for such long distances through airport terminals, especially when you have other carry-ons and a parcel of youngsters to keep together.
With the time saved at security, the time saved getting on and off a plane not clogged with carry-ons and sack lunches, we can solve most of the security problems and most of my travel problems in six months.
Consulting for the past decade--the last eight years as a staffer of database giant Oracle--Kate Coughlin has earned countless frequent-flyer miles and "spent thousands and thousands of dollars on carry-ons.
The company is Like Luggage, which makes bright polka-dotted for-girls-only duffels, backpacks and carry-ons ranging in price from $10 to $140.
After personally experiencing the aggravation sparked by recent airline regulations governing liquid or gel-based carry-ons, the owners of a Silver Lake business have made it possible for travelers to have complete personal-care kits delivered and waiting for them at their destination hotel, office or residence, eliminating concerns over airline confiscation.
Digital cameras and media can safely go in carry-ons without the need for hand inspection, which will simplify security checks and make those long lines move a little faster.