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carry out a pregnancy


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Contrary to results of earlier work based on the same data set, an analysis of data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth has found no evidence that women who have an abortion to terminate an unintended first pregnancy are at greater risk of clinical depression than their counterparts who carry to term. (1) In the more recent analysis, the two groups of women did not differ either when scores on a commonly used depression scale were examined according to a standard cutoff indicating risk of depression or when scores were examined continuously.
Once pregnancy is confirmed, veterinarians transplant the embryo from that sheep to another ewe to carry to term. The original ewe is then impregnated again; ewes earmarked for insemination may undergo the treatment 15 times in two months.
In the article, Plunkett described the program and said, "All we're doing is spending time with [the women] at the point of their decision, and our hope is that ultimately they will make a decision to carry to term."
Plunkett also said she believes "every woman's heart is telling her to carry to term, because God has placed truth in her heart, and the truth is that abortion is never the right answer."
The demand that women be forced to carry to term, no matter what, is a gross infringement on their liberty and privacy rights.