carry forward

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transfer from one time period to the next

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As the numbers of claims to employment tribunals are rising and workers' rights are increasingly in the news, now is the time to ensure you are paying the right holiday pay and allowing carry forward where appropriate.
When people realise that they are affected by the tapered annual allowance they could be forgiven for assuming that the carry forward rules will not apply which could be a costly error."
Vodafone is also offering its customers a 'Carry Forward' plan under which users to carry forward unused data from existing pack to a new pack.
As per the existing provisions, a trader can carry forward the excess tax credit during the same year only.
Islamabad: Pakistan and India on Wednesday agreed to hold a foreign secretary-level meeting in Islamabad on August 25 to carry forward bilateral dialogue process to establish good neighbourly relations, the foreign ministry here said.
The Interior Minister in a statement said that "After the positive announcement yesterday by the Taliban, the government has decided to suspend the air strikes which were continuing for the past few days." He further added, "the government and armed forces of Pakistan, however, reserve the right for a befitting response to any act of violence (by the Taliban)." The banned TTP on Saturday announced a month long ceasefire to carry forward peace dialogues with the Pakistani government.
The carry forward facility is available and any unused annual allowance carried forward will continue to be based on PS50,000 for the three
This double advantage becomes more powerful with the Tata DOCOMO Photon Plus' inherent product feature of 'Balance Carry Forward.' By recharging within validity period customers can carry forward their unused data.
However, he informed that there is no risk of shortage of the commodity in the country as the sufficient stock of carry forward is available collectively with the provincial and federal governments.
Recent cases have highlighted an inconsistency between the Working Time Regulations (WTR), under which employees cannot carry forward holiday entitlement from one holiday year to the next.
What are the labour laws applicable on annual leave carry forward? How many days can be carried forward?
Qubee Prepay Broadband is providing the consumers with an exclusive advantage of balance carry over, which allows users to carry forward existing balance of their accounts that might be present upon card expiry.
It provides them with the possibility to carry forward fiscal losses, ie taxable income in future tax years may be reduced by setting-off the losses incurred in the past.
NORTH East bosses are being urged to tighten sickness procedures after an EU ruling gave workers the green light to carry forward holidays while on long-term sick.
Russ Phillips, chief executive of the Association of British Bookmakers, recently stated that "auditors require bookmakers to carry forward customers' money on the balance sheet".