carry forward

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Synonyms for carry forward

transfer from one time period to the next

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When people realise that they are affected by the tapered annual allowance they could be forgiven for assuming that the carry forward rules will not apply which could be a costly error.
Vodafone is also offering its customers a 'Carry Forward' plan under which users to carry forward unused data from existing pack to a new pack.
The traders perceive that this restriction curtails their freedom to carry forward the excess tax paid.
resident company surrenders its losses under group relief as the losses are then utilized and are no longer available for carry forward for U.
But another group composed of some 20 organizations, including the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition and the American Textile Manufacturers Institute, recently wrote President Bush and lobbied that the carry forward be strictly forbidden in 2004.
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it is planning to carry forward approximately USD420m in unused funds so that it can provide Internet access to libraries and schools.
Carry back and carry forward have been important pension planning tools, especially for the self-employed.
I will carry forward [outgoing president] Helen Hoart's strategic planning--to make NPA as professional and useful to the members as it can be.
K-1 input was simplified and dispositions carry forward to schedule D.
The transaction must be a fully taxable disposition in order to take advantage of the carry forward losses.
Some of the country's freshest voice, culinary, acting and television talent will be on hand to help honor and celebrate the winners of the first-annual Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Carry Forward Awards.