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a stick of carrot eaten raw

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Chicken over greens, ranch dressing, a roll and fruit or a turkey salad wrap, soup, carrot sticks with ranch and fruit.
You may feel that you all deserve a treat for the effort you've put in, especially after a gruelling walk or run around, but try and ensure the meal is balanced with some healthy snacks such as fruit or carrot sticks, which can be very refreshing on warmer summer days.
Wednesday -- Cold Cut Sandwich, Fritos, Carrot Sticks, Spiced Apples, Milk
My favourite is houmous eaten with raw carrot sticks.
"Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't always have to mean salads and carrot sticks."
Add fruit and carrot sticks for plenty of vitamins and minerals.
Snacks Carrot sticks with houmous OR celery sticks with peanut butter OR low-fat cheese and an apple.
After eating the cereal bars, participants completed a "taste test" involving four different bowls of snacks, including chocolate, carrot sticks, grapes, and chips.
Baked macaroni and cheese and broccoli or roast beef and Swiss pocket, soup and carrot sticks.
Enjoy with carrot sticks, celery sticks and slices of pepper.
On Friday, she busies herself with preparations for the Fat Blasters Christmas party (that'll be 20 carrot sticks and a bottle of mineral water, then) but she's more preoccupied about whether Martin, whom she's invited, will bother to show his face.
Milk chocolate is out, my sweetie jar has had to be ditched (doesn't everybody have a sweetie jar?) and I have switched to fruit and carrot sticks. Very nice, carrot sticks.
I'm always watching my weight and try not to be too naughty, so it's brown rice, honey, carrot sticks, but I may cave and give in to the chips!