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He warns us about the carrot family, which contains hemlock and false parsley, two noxious ingredients we don't want in our dinner, and tells us the stems of elderflowers contain cyanide.
at It's interesting to see that tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines and peppers all belong to the same group (nightshade), many of which have poisonous parts, and the carrot family members include celery, parsley, carrots, parsnips and dill, characterised by their feathery leaves.
WILD CHERVIL: Related to the carrot family also called umbelliferae.
Although some wild members of the carrot family are very poisonous, none of these have leaves that resemble parsnip, nor do they have highly ridged stems.
A member of the parsley or carrot family, giant hogweed was found near Oakridge in 2001 and has spread to 66 known sites, mostly in the Willamette Valley.
The desert cymopterus is a perennial herb in the carrot family.
Pastinaca sativa or wild parsnip is one of the number of plants of the carrot family (including giant hogweed) which are capable of causing phytophotodermatitis, which is a ten-cent word for the painful burns you suffered.
Parsnips, members of the carrot family, are high in potassium and contain some protein, iron, and calcium.
This member of the carrot family has a mild, pleasant, grassy flavor.
ABC also pointed out that the public should not confuse star anise with anise, sometimes called aniseseed (Pimpinella anisum), a member of the carrot family.