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Synonyms for carrot

deep orange edible root of the cultivated carrot plant

perennial plant widely cultivated as an annual in many varieties for its long conical orange edible roots

promise of reward as in "carrot and stick"

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Snagsby whether he means Carrots, or the Colonel, or Gallows, or Young Chisel, or Terrier Tip, or Lanky, or the Brick.
The feast consisted of a pot-au-feu, which Miss Chalice had made, of a leg of mutton roasted round the corner and brought round hot and savoury (Miss Chalice had cooked the potatoes, and the studio was redolent of the carrots she had fried; fried carrots were her specialty); and this was to be followed by poires flambees, pears with burning brandy, which Cronshaw had volunteered to make.
There was a pretty garden around the house, where blue trees and blue flowers grew in abundance and in one place were beds of blue cabbages, blue carrots and blue lettuce, all of which were delicious to eat.
He took me up the open space, between the caves and the river, and into the forest beyond, where, in a grassy place among the trees, we made a meal of stringy-rooted carrots.
And yet his work stands out from the ruck of the contemporary versifiers as a balas ruby among carrots.
The place was a sort of store-house; containing bags of potatoes and baskets of carrots, onions and turnips.
And he hung it to the saddle, which was already loaded with bunches of carrots, and fire-irons, and many other things.
Carrots and peas, asparagus on toast, the perennial tomatoes and corn and succotash, lima beans, cabbage--and then--
out of turnips and carrots in a very creditable manner, would go to "the Square," as it was called, and assist in the preparations incident to a great dinner, without even so much as thinking of sitting down to the banquet.
I've seen it--radishes and carrots, two crops, sown at one time.
Talking to reporter here on Monday, Director AMRI Ghulam Siddique observed that farmers had been facing problems for proper washing of carrots as they have to put these carrots near flowing water tributaries for washing the vegetable.
To get seed for the next carrot crop, farmers should complete carrot heads' sowing by the first week of January.
I've been writing about the benefits of part-time veganism for years, and my work atPurple Carrot will help more and more people see and participate in the benefits of this way of eating.
And the major problem is the aroma of carrot to the carrot root fly who can detect your crop a mile off and will lay her eggs in the top.
are going to celebrate the carrot and make it the star ingredient by cooking delicious, healthy and hearty carrot burgers.