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Synonyms for carrot

deep orange edible root of the cultivated carrot plant

perennial plant widely cultivated as an annual in many varieties for its long conical orange edible roots

promise of reward as in "carrot and stick"

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Tindaan said the town's government wanted to showcase the importance of the vegetables by concocting a giant image of a carrot, made of carrot cake.
So I decided to put a layer of coir just under the carrot seeds to see if that would help with keeping them moist.
Among the largest and longest-running strands of work is the development of new carrot varieties.
However, by adding carrot juice to your diet, you can stay away from costly supplements and acquire your vitamin A organically.
Seven to 23 degrees centigrade temperature was conducive for the growth of carrot seed and for obtaining good quality carrots soft, fertile loam soil levelled with laser leveller was required", they added.
Rugani Carrot Juice is not made from a concentrate, has no added sugar and is preservative and colourant free.
He said the carrot washer would charge a minimal fee to farmers who transact business at the BAPTC.
With this recipe, you could make a traditional carrot cake with the cream cheese frosting and it would be delightful with a cup of coffee.
To get seed for the next carrot crop, farmers should complete carrot heads' sowing by the first week of January.
And the major problem is the aroma of carrot to the carrot root fly who can detect your crop a mile off and will lay her eggs in the top.
The point to ponder is that what caused the white carrot to give such diversifying colour, what is the cause of these colours and what are the specifications related to the changed colours and how they are useful.
Carrot seeds are very small, and the sprouts are delicate and hard to see.
One such study in the February 12, 2014 issue of European Journal of Nutrition found that carrot consumption significantly decreased risk of prostate cancer.
Sophie Richards, by email: They say carrot fly move to carrots from wild members of the same family, like cow parsley.
The sources of infection caused by fungi of the genus Alternaria include seeds nearby carrot fields weeds and soil (Pryor et al.