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the dead and rotting body of an animal

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Carrion is the founder and chairman of the Spirit of EDSA Foundation, which initiated the creation of the EPPC in the 1998.
In the chapter "Bookshops Fated to Be Political," Carrion moves between Hitler's Germany to Cold War Berlin and, not surprisingly, to Cuba, to discuss the role bookshops have played in fomenting and propping up totalitarian regimes.
But the POC board, in which Carrion is also a member, did not approve of the contract forged by her and the DOT.
Carrion joined Popular in 1976, became President in 1985, CEO in 1991 and Chairman of the board in 1993.
Having joined Popular in 1976, Carrion became president in 1985, CEO in 1991 and chairman of the board in 1993.
In particular, carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae) utilize carcasses to carry out their life cycles and represent novel models for behavioral ecology (Ratcliffe 1996).
Algo anunciaba esa prosa seca y sentenciosa que continuo puliendo Carrion como tratadista posliterario: el disgusto ante la literatura como "monologo impuro", su pasmo ante aquel escultor que "proyectaba construir esculturas con estos despojos.
Grijalba lamenta que Carrion se alejara del "pensamiento indoamericano y marxista" del peruano Jose Carlos Mariategui, con lo cual "delata su profundo arielismo y su rechazo a dialogar y nutrirse de los aportes mas progresistas, ofreciendo a cambio una interpretacion reduccionista y europeizante" (p.
Approximately 600,000 Puerto Ricans could lose their health care coverage when Medicaid funds run out," Carrion said.
The records of Heteroptera collected at butterfly traps baited with fish or shrimp carrion during several collecting trips to a number of South American countries are presented.
Thus, we evaluated the susceptibility of the European equivalent of the American crow, carrion crows (Corvuscorone), which are ubiquitously present across Europe, by injecting them with selected strains of WNV circulating in Europe and with the prototypic NY99 strain.
Following your logic a person wouldn't eat anything but carrion and fruit falling from trees.
Considering this, it seems important that Miguel de Carrion decided to write two novels explicitly about women, Las impuras (1919) and Las honradas (1918), set in the turbulent years of Cuba's early nationhood, the Republican Period.
Speaking before the General Assembly's Third Committee, which reviews the work accomplished by the UN's independent human rights experts, Francisco Carrion Mena, Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families (CMW), warned that some Member States "mistakenly consider border areas as exempt from human rights obligations.