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a radio wave that can be modulated in order to transmit a signal

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Summoning memories of my days in military communications, I knew that carrier waves are loaded with information.
They were computed for the terrain without snow according to formulae given in (Larson and Nievinski, 2012) for satellites observed at elevation angles [theta] = 7[degrees], 15[degrees] and 25[degrees] on carrier wave L2 with wavelength [[lambda].sub.2].
To describe any of this telemetry as having a "carrier wave" is inaccurate.
A very notable feature of envelope solitary Rossby waves is that the speed is independent of amplitude, but the carrier wave is related to amplitude.
It is only the carrier wave strength that these receivers are interested in.
Where [v.sub.e] is the group velocity of the particle, [v.sub.c] is the phase speed of the carrier wave in the coordinate of (x', t').
All information transmitted by electromagnetic waves, including light waves, is through some form of modulation of the electromagnetic carrier wave. If the carrier wave frequency is varied in proportion to the information transmitted, it is frequency modulation (FM).
The new product is intended for CW (carrier wave) applications where modulation is not required.
Moreover, we assign the respective spatial and temporal coordinates for the envelope and carrier waves. We use x and t as the spatial and temporal coordinates, respectively, for describing the carrier wave.
Armstrong, one of the founding fathers of radio technology, and is a technique whereby a baseband message signal m(t) varies or modulates the frequency of a carrier wave. In broadcasting, FM is used to provide high-fidelity sound over broadcast radio.
Little vibrations from my larynx transformed by a microphone into electrical pulses in a wire, modulated on a carrier wave and beamed into the atmosphere to be captured as sound waves from a speaker in some guy's car.
JASWINDER BOLINA is author of Carrier Wave, winner of-the 2006
Cellular telephone radio waves transmit information that is encoded into electromagnetic waves by means of "modulation," which refers to the patterns of change in the frequency and/or amplitude of the RF carrier wave. As cellular telephone technology has advanced, the modulation patterns have become increasingly complex, and the question arises as to whether a high-frequency modulated RF wave might have greater potential for health effects than a pure sinusoidal RF wave.
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