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a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages

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TWCBC s Carrier Services line of business seamlessly extends service providers U.
With nationwide IP network coverage, Reynwood Carrier Services delivers reliable, high-quality, and competitively priced carrier-class services to national and international telecommunication carriers, next generation telecommunication service providers and mobile wireless companies.
Carrier Services from NACR can help customers seamlessly integrate their communications across a less expensive and more efficient network - realizing savings of 30 to 35 percent for most customers," according to Alyse Brady, Director of Carrier Services for NACR.
Justin Nelson, CEO, dash Carrier Services, commented, "Our more than 300 voice carrier customers operating across the country expect our company to keep with the latest technical and regulatory advancements in public safety.
The contract is for carrier services covering the following areas of expertise - SAP : - Oracle : In the context of carrier services, Licensee will be responsible for checking the provision and administration of the contractual relationship of the independent expert.
With the Unitis' solution we have found products meeting our standards yet its services are very competitive," Daniel Groth, CEO of Calltrade Carrier Services AG, says.
The decreased margin in the axle and tire segment is due to a sharp decline in sales volumes coupled with higher costs associated with utilizing idle freight trucks for motor carrier services during the 2010 quarter.
As part of this project, the University now wishes to procure telephony carrier services to address the following: 1.
GTS Carrier Services also offers Internet service providers connectivity to Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and New York.
More detail on BirdDog Carrier Services can be found at www.
Nasdaq: GTSG; Easdaq) announced today that Cable & Wireless has selected GTS Carrier Services and its Hermes Europe Railtel subsidiary as the principal supplier for the first stage of its new European telecommunications network.
DENVER -- Dash Carrier Services (DASH), the leading provider of wholesale carrier products and services, and VIXXI Solutions, today announced an agreement through which the companies will merge assets and become a single-entity provider of Wholesale Carrier and Emergency Services under Dash Carrier Services.
Through this agreement, Dash Carrier Services (Dash) provides Purple, a leading provider of text and video relay services, solutions to order, provision, and modify DIDs and e911 emergency services information through its Application Provisioning Dashboard.
Included in the Dash Carrier Services Product Suite are:
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