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a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages

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The FTC argued that any other approach would leave consumers of non-common carrier services unprotected as "the FCC is not authorized to seek refunds for injured consumers, and its enforcement authority is limited to conduct going back one year.
NASDAQ: SONS) said that Switzerland-based competitive operator Calltrade Carrier Services AG is using the Sonus SBC 5000 Series of Session Border Controllers as part of its wholesale voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service.
For the year ended 31 December 2014, the Carrier Services business generated a turnover of GBP7.
Today, through our relationship with MicroCorp, TDMobility has expanded its offering to deliver a very similar platform in the wire line carrier services space.
dash Carrier Services is the leading, single-entity provider of Tier-one emergency services and wholesale carrier voice solutions.
SG&A in 2010 was lower by approximately $35,000 due to direct expenses associated with motor carrier services that would have normally been allocated to SG&A.
As part of this project, the University now wishes to procure telephony carrier services to address the following: 1.
More detail on BirdDog Carrier Services can be found at www.
Under the terms of this agreement, Dash CEO, Justin Nelson, will maintain his role as senior executive, and VIXXI President and CEO, Christopher Camut, has been appointed to the Dash Carrier Services Board of Directors.
Through this agreement, Dash Carrier Services (Dash) provides Purple, a leading provider of text and video relay services, solutions to order, provision, and modify DIDs and e911 emergency services information through its Application Provisioning Dashboard.
Included in the Dash Carrier Services Product Suite are:
Since our inception, we have worked with the knowledge that service providers need more than just good pricing," said Justin Nelson, CEO, Dash Carrier Services.
Covergence[R], the leading provider of next-generation Session Border Control solutions, today announced that Dash Carrier Services, a provider of wholesale carrier services to VoIP service providers, has selected Covergence Session Manager (CSM).
As part of the exploitation of IT's new switch facility in 2007, we anticipate that IT will be handling an increasing amount of VoIP traffic and carrier services with USA based carriers thanks to IT's competitive rates for access to UK and European mobile telephone services.
A water transportation specialist engaged in various types of waterborne freight transportation, including LASH (Lighter Aboard SHip) carriage, pure car/truck carrier services, roll-on/roll-off, breakbulk and bulk carrier services, domestic coastwise services, and rail-ferry transportation services.
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