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a homing pigeon used to carry messages

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Reporters no longer scribe their stories with a quill pen and attach them to the legs of a carrier pigeon to get them to Mr William Caxton's printing press.
The mystery began when London resident David Martin found in his chimney the remains of a carrier pigeon with a canister used by WWII spies attached to its leg.
Perhaps we should try sending them messages by carrier pigeon.
Kimberly Blackwell, MD, the head study author, uses the analogy of a carrier pigeon to describe the way the two drugs work together: the trastuzumab zeroes in on the malignant cells and then delivers the DM1 drug to them.
NET customers through phone, email, ticket; carrier pigeon is not an option.
Obama said: "I want you to call, I want you to email, I want you to tweet, I want you to fax, I want you to visit, I want you to Facebook, send a carrier pigeon.
Music is the bravest carrier pigeon you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.
Carrier pigeon, IM, message on a locker room chalkboard, blimp at a sporting event .
It's only then that I examine the back of the bill and find that I can by direct debit, on-line, by phone, carrier pigeon, psychic transference, in a post office and in a bank, but (I guess) no longer in Waterloo Street.
Six days after the siege began following the Prussian advance, France was able to send carrier pigeon messages to its troops which could be returned within six hours.
I wrote back immediately to tell her that I could, and thought no more of the matter until a carrier pigeon dropped another note from her on my desk, asking for the aforementioned explanation.
JOURNALISTS and businessmen going to the World Cup will hope internet facilities are improved before 2010 - after it was proved last week that a CARRIER PIGEON could transmit data quicker than the leading internet provider Telkom
The British roots of information provider Reuters date back to 1851 when Paul Julius Reuter started it as a carrier pigeon and telegraph service to send news to Berlin.
Perhaps we should embrace the telemedicine revolution, but at the rate the NHS is going, the best we could do would be tin cans and string, with the odd carrier pigeon for those more fortunate practitioners.
It was thought that as many as 500 bird-fanciers were inside the building for a carrier pigeon show.