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a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases

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Together they're expected to save nearly 210,000 plastic carrier bags, according to Iceland.
The ban applies to all plastic carrier bags, regardless of their thickness.
[ClickPress, Thu May 09 2019] The global market for paper carrier bags is expected to flourish during the forecast period, owing to the increasing awareness among end-use consumers and paper carrier bag manufacturers regarding the effects of conventional plastic bags on the environment.
Welsh stores will be the first to offer paper carrier bags next week, followed by English and Scottish stores in May.
Nema director-general Geoffrey Wahungu said after the ban on plastic carrier bags, the non-woven carrier, polypropylene bags came into the market to replace it.The Nema boss said the government and the players in the industry including supermarkets, marketers, retailers and some outlets agreed on the use of the materials until Kenya Bureau Standards establishes the status and strength of the non-woven carrier bags.
However, this has since been misused by traders and manufacturers who have introduced low-quality carrier bags.
Under the plans, producers of singleuse carrier bags would also have to report how much they sell and the exemption at security-restricted areas in airports would be removed.
When asked if the Welsh Government is planning to follow England's example, a spokesman said: "Wales was the first UK nation to introduce a single-use carrier bag charge and has recorded substantial reductions in carrier bag usage.
When asked for a statement in response to the news, a Welsh Government spokesman said: "Wales was the first in the UK to introduce a single use carrier bag charge and has recorded substantial reductions in carrier bag usage.
Additionally, around one in 15 shoppers (7%) now regularly takes single-use carrier bags at the checkout, compared with the one in four who took one before the charge.
The amount of single-use plastic carrier bags used by shoppers in England has fallen by six billion since the introduction the 5p charge last year.
THRIFTY Teessiders have slashed the number of carrier bags they throw away by more than HALF since the 5p carrier bag tax was brought in.
AM I alone in wondering why there is a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags? Apparently they are a major cause of litter - if so, where?
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