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a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases

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Ogugu urged the County Government to empower youths to invest in the production of the carrier bags locally as opposed to sourcing the bags from Nairobi.
Mr Mutoro said retailers should factor in the cost of carrier bags in the overall pricing of fast moving or all goods.
The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs has published the Northern Ireland carrier bag levy annual statistics for 2016/17.
Additionally, around one in 15 shoppers (7%) now regularly takes single-use carrier bags at the checkout, compared with the one in four who took one before the charge.
Over seven billion carrier bags were issued by seven main retailers in 2014, falling to just over half a billion in the first six months of the 5p charge for single use carrier bags introduced in October 2015.
And fewer householders are putting their recycling in carrier bags, instead opting to bin it loose and unbagged - which makes life easier and safer at the sorting plant.
The research further found that a charge on single use carrier bags is popular among the public.
FROM next Monday you'll have to pay 5p for any carrier bag that you take in every supermarket or large store.
The 5p charge on carrier bags was introduced in October 2011.
This means the number of single use carrier bags dropped from 350m to 80m between 2010-2014, while in England usage actually increased by 1.
The revolutionary technology of die Dempson Bag is designed to provide carrier bags in tailor made sizes, including the potential for a uniquely wide bottom gusset that can be produced up to 350mm wide.
Under legislation intended to help the environment, shops in Wales began charging for plastic carrier bags in October 2011.
This new study mainly considers carrier bags, garbage bags and sacks, heavy duty and industry sacks as well as food packaging (including beverages).
Reducing the proliferation of single-use plastic carrier bags is easy and can be accomplished in the short term, say MEPs, who propose targets, a calendar and a range of financial and commercial measures to do so.
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