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a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases

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We would then have to sort that carrier bag from the rest of the material or waste and recycle it accordingly.
Boots, one of Scotland s Carrier Bag Commitment signatories, has reported an estimated 80 per cent reduction in carrier bag use in Scotland.
And as a second thought, I wonder how long before we see a carrier bag on an MP's expense claim
The new law, which came in yesterday, means we all have to pay 5p per carrier bag at the supermarket.
Professor Wouter Poortinga, an environmental psychologist from Cardiff University who has led extensive research into the carrier bag charge in Wales, said: "Plastic bag charges are very effective in reducing plastic bag use and waste.
The government has imposed a new law which requires all supermarkets to make the charge per carrier bag used by customers to crack down on the amount of plastic carriers used.
Wales' Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant said the introduction of the single use carrier bag charge in 2011 has led to "a significant shift in consumer behaviour and important benefits to the environment" - as well as an additional benefit of significant amounts raised for good causes.
New figures reveal use of the throw away carrier bags dropped by almost 80% since the charge was brought in by the Welsh Government.
This service is available across Dempson's range of flat, satchel, block bottom and SOS carrier bags, as well as the revolutionary Dempson Bag.
It didn't all go to plan for The Fluffs as Carrier Bag raced into a commanding four goal lead.
PLANS to impose a compulsory 5p charge for carrier bags have been backed by MPs - but they also warned that Ministers had made the scheme too complex.
Evidence from other countries demonstrates that a bag levy is a simple and effective means to reduce substantially the negative environmental impact of carrier bag consumption.
The environmental impact of a basket far outweighs that of a single-use carrier bag.
Less than a month from the proposed introduction of the compulsory carrier bag tax in Wales, the debate continues between suppliers, retailers and businesses as to whether the changes will be beneficial.
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