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a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases

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Professor Wouter Poortinga, an environmental psychologist from Cardiff University who has led extensive research into the carrier bag charge in Wales, said: "Plastic bag charges are very effective in reducing plastic bag use and waste.
Wales' Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant said the introduction of the single use carrier bag charge in 2011 has led to "a significant shift in consumer behaviour and important benefits to the environment" - as well as an additional benefit of significant amounts raised for good causes.
New figures reveal use of the throw away carrier bags dropped by almost 80% since the charge was brought in by the Welsh Government.
The charge will be applied to almost all single use carrier bags and not just plastic ones.
About a minute after leaving his seat, he remembered and returned to his seat, to find the carrier bag still there but the shirts missing.
Fellow shopper Janet Peters said: "I have taken a basket to the car myself just so I can load my shopping into the boot when I forgot to bring my own carrier bag.
A SUPERMARKET is giving away 2.8 million reusable bags - before a new 5p minimum charge for carrier bags in Wales starts next month.
According to Paul Marmot, Chairman of the UK Carrier Bag Consortium (CBC), science does not back up the government's plans.
I have cleaned and tidied my hall and kitchen, under the stairs and thrown out the dozens of paper carrier bags I have collected over the last 20 years.Well actually I didn''t: I sorted them once again.
It's one thing walking around with arms full of carrier bags emblazoned with their branding like a human advertising board but being charged 5p a throw for the privilege is another matter.
For too long we have been paying indirectly for carrier bags that advertise stores, and the true cost is hidden.
Public enemy number one, the killer carrier bag, will now have to be bought.
Since the Welsh Government's single-use carrier bag (SUCB) charge came into effect, between PS17m and PS22m has been raised for charities and voluntary groups.
Mr Griffiths said: "People in Wales have adapted extremely well to our 5p carrier bag charge, introduced in October 2011, and supermarkets across Wales are full of people re-using shopping bags.
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