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trade from upper-class customers

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The reality is that there is a longstanding cosy relationship between Coventry City Council and the hackney carriage trade and preserving this relationship is what this is really about.
Mr Farrow added: "It is felt that this proposal will increase and raise awareness of safeguarding children and vulnerable people across the private hire and hackney carriage trade, and will provide drivers and operators with the means to report any suspect behaviour.
The Stanley Steamer, powered by water and kerosene, enjoyed domination in the auto carriage trade between 1902 and 1917.
Aside from the safety issues, this deprives the legitimate hackney carriage trade of work.
THE Newcastle licensed hackney carriage trade is in a similar position to many of the providers of public transport and users in the other businesses with regard to rising fuel prices.
Catering to the carriage trade, the store stocked service meats and a wide assortment of groceries, and provided home delivery of orders phoned in by Upper East Side residents.
Our Vic is a huge horse, 17 hands at the shoulder, 550 kilos on the weighbridge, and with the big broad head and wide-beam hips of an honest toiler in the carriage trade.
It is targeting two main channels of distribution: upscale, independent retailers and the carriage trade, "retailers that value high-enddesign and embellished product.
Undemanding in the extreme, show may appeal to what's left of the West End carriage trade, as served up in an Alan Strachan production every bit as broad as Lipman's (padded) hips.
Extra wrapping would have solved this problem but they wouldn't give me extra wrapping because I was local, it was really for the carriage trade.
Informed and informative, The Carriage Trade is an impressive and seminal work of original scholarship enhanced with extensive notations, and is especially recommended for inclusion into an academic library's American History Studies reference collection and the supplemental reading list for students of America's involvement in an evolving transporation industry.
Their discontent found voice in the mouth and person of Jim Crow, who mocked the carriage trade.
At the preview Wednesday, which included a tour of the grounds and interior, Gehry called the new theater a ``living room for the city,'' while Salonen rebuked early gripes that the arts complex was developed to give the carriage trade yet another elite diversion.
The wood, leather, and chrome found in today's interiors are throwbacks to the earliest days of the automobile, when it was little advanced from the carriage trade," he says.
The focus on applied and industrial arts led the museum to begin staging design exhibitions in 1933, and in the ensuing years it offered such groundbreaking shows as "Machine Art," as well as displays like "Useful Household Objects Under Five Dollars," that argued that good design need not be reserved for the carriage trade.