carriage return

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the operation that prepares for the next character to be printed or displayed as the first character on a line

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Other features include extended triple-cylinder stroke and auto hydraulic dog plate that increases boring efficiency and speed, E-Z glide fast carriage return, and heavy-duty gusseted track.
Be sure to perform a carriage return after each word.
blade exposure, up to a 40-hp main saw motor and fence positioning feeds of 230 fpm (forward and return) and saw carriage return of 330 fpm.
After issuing the insert command, the user is prompted for the new item which is to be terminated by a carriage return.
Blake Hartstein of the Demarc Threat Research team discovered the flaw which allows all Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) content rules to be bypassed by adding a carriage return to the end of the URL being requested (before the HTTP protocol declaration).