carriage return

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the operation that prepares for the next character to be printed or displayed as the first character on a line

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SSR features the Rapid Response R2CARRIAGE System which achieves quicker carriage returns after each course, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.
Other features include extended triple-cylinder stroke and auto hydraulic dog plate that increases boring efficiency and speed, E-Z glide fast carriage return, and heavy-duty gusseted track.
blade exposure, up to a 40-hp main saw motor and fence positioning feeds of 230 fpm (forward and return) and saw carriage return of 330 fpm.
The first line contained exactly 80 characters (demarcated by a final carriage return); the second line began with the word "about." Cohen said: "Because the first line was exactly 80 characters long, the terminal handler inserted its own CR just before mine, but I started typing the second line before the generated CR reached the terminal.
Entry of common results is made even easier by use of the carriage return: For example, our mycobacterial and mycology and blood cultures are usually negative for the suspected organisms.
After issuing the insert command, the user is prompted for the new item which is to be terminated by a carriage return.
It took me straight back to the days when newspaper offices were alive with the clatter of typewriter keys, punctuated by the clout of the carriage return.
Be sure to perform a carriage return after each word.
Thus, when we press the enter key to add a new line, ASCII codes ten (line feed) and thirteen (carriage return) are both added to the file.
Everyone has cranked up the speeds of the saw carriage and the speed of the saw carriage return. Plus, the feed speeds of panels saws have been increased."