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French surgeon and biologist who developed a way to suture and graft blood vessels (1873-1944)

small individual study area in a library

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PSE 1a Remplacement des bassins carrels par des bassins en revtement Inox y compris chenal d~accs.
Following the new expansion, the UAE library has 89 individual study carrels, five tables with four chairs each in the Quiet Area, 20 laptops and six group study rooms.
Carrel use and people in transit have fluctuated over time, but carrel use remains low relative to the number of carrels within the building
The Carrot Growers Association sold the first purple carrels to Sainsbury earlier this year.
We don't expect our students to pursue carrels in dance," he says.
The private membership clubs offer passengers comfortable seating, work carrels with business equipment, televisions, bar services and morning and late-afternoon snacks.
Gary Carrels has commented that for Fritsch, "locating a point of tension in form and proportion that corresponds to a personal and intuitive sense of rightness is critical," and he goes on to assert that the "vividness of the encounter" with the artist's work is significantly at odds with "normal habits of perception.
Williams, who has little patience for academics "dozing in their carrels," is not one to proffer conventional critical commentary; rather, Blackbird Dust does what Williams's friend and mentor Louis Zukofsky said art should do: "to record and elate.
Study carrels are assigned to individual students so they may study or place their books in them while they are in class.
In addition to the structural reinforcement that helps support the compact shelving occupying the second floor, this area saw the installation of an elevator, conference room, secure storage cabinetry, restrooms, carrels, and comfortable seating complemented by wireless network connections.
Uphill Against Water: The Great Dakota Water War by Peter Carrels (University of Nebraska Press, $25) tells how tenacious South Dakota farmers defeated irrigation boosters pushing to drown their fields under an immense water project.
Steamy sessions in the booths, known as carrels, is the latest craze at Stirling University.
A ramp leads from the lobby to the second floor, where the library, console center with electronic viewing carrels designed for families or individuals, private scholars' room and a second circular gallery are located.