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small individual study area in a library

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Carrell received a full-ride scholarship to play esports for the school.
"It's no longer a call on the ability of countries to export to the US either commodities to China, but it's a call on internal consumption, which is building up," Carrell said.
Carrell will be responsible for the company's operational and technical activities.
Effective immediately, Carrell is responsible for the company's operational and technical activities.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 40-year-old actress has joined Steve Carrell in Universal's Robert Zemeckis' project.
Steve Carrell is a sexually inexperienced nerd who finds love when he meets a single mum.
"If it's their first year on campus, all military and veterans have that camaraderie here that they have in the military," says Michael Carrell, assistant vice provost and director of the Office of Military and Veterans Services, explaining OSU's establishment of Veterans House five years ago.
In a textbook for courses on information technology security, cybersecurity, information assurance, and information systems security, Solomon, Kim, and Carrell explore current computer networks and how they support the evolving requirements of different types of organizations.
The notion of including meta-cognitive strategies in the teaching of reading has been advocated by several experts in both English reading and meta-cognition (Baker & Brown, 1984; Carrell, 1989; Garner, 1987).
Carrell, Mark Hoekstra, and Elira Kuka report that classroom disruptions lead to more than just short-term lower grades and test scores.
The film also stars Brad Pitt, who is also producer, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell and Doctor Who's Karen Gillan.
Steve Carrell voices Gru, as the ex-supervillian tries to save the world from El Macho, with help from Kirsten Wiig's agent.
FRIDAY THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN STV 10.40PM When Andy's (Steve Carrell) friends find out he's never had sex, they set out to help him 'do the deed'.
Steve Carrell looked suaver on the sofa, but proved a dull guest for a comic until Ross lobbed him fruit to catch in his mouth.
Also up is Hollywood actor Steve Carrell, star of The 40 Year-Old Virgin and the voice of Gru in the Despicable Me films andThe X Factor judges Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Mel B, with the former giving her first interview since tying the knot to her French hubby Jean-Bernard earlier in the year.