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The subsidiary then changed its name to Aeon Marche, while continuing to operate the six stores under the Carrefour name.
It will depend on stock levels for the various lines, but we plan to have Carrefour brand goods off the shelves by the end of spring," said the spokesperson, "The new names for the stores are undecided.
Leading UAE retailer Carrefour has made a significant contribution to the humanitarian work of the Red Crescent Society with the active support of its suppliers.
Reports during the store's construction quoted a Tehran city official saying that the store would open under the Carrefour brand.
According to them, representatives of Carrefour have already set up contacts with the Macedonian authorities to whom they presented their ideas for capturing the Macedonian market.
The article didn't say why Carrefour was dropping its plans, but there has been speculation since it announced its store plans last May that Tehran's bazaari class would fight it tooth and nail.
Carrefour is set to offer 35,000 products in its new hypermarket, which it claims 'should reset the standard for one-stop shopping' in the kingdom.
Carrefour has certain strengths, but so does Sultan Center.
In addition to Sofia, Carrefour is also eyeing for expansion Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Stara Zagora, among other locations.
Carrefour has been operating supermarkets in China for 10 years.
In the middle of the ring stands France's Carrefour, which would like to topple No.
It added that Mr Vandevelde, on the Carrefour board since 2003 as a representative of the Halleys, one of the shareholding families, should be named in the new role within a month.
Retail Forward, a consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio, predicts that retailer Carrefour will work to improve its performance "by consolidating brands and formats, integrating diverse organizations, and testing new markets, products and services.
Carrefour SA, France's top retailer, won approval from the European Union (EU) for its planned $17-billion takeover of rival (also France-based) Promodes SA.
Brio Technology Inc has won French consumer goods retailer Carrefour as a customer for its business intelligence tools.