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dark purple edible seaweed of the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America

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July: Tansy, red clover, sea lettuce, wild cherry, wild strawberry, carragheen
'Throughout the war years, people ate things like Carragheen Moss Pudding -a milk, sugar and seaweed pudding.
Damodharan Rangasam took carragheen to new heights when he cooked the local seaweed delicacy boiled in milk for a banquet on Islay.
For the opening Group E match between Ireland and Cameroon, I suggest popping down to Asda to get some Carragheen moss, a purple seaweed you dry in the sun before cooking it in milk and making a sort of blancmange.
The term carragheen was given to the gelatins derived from the red seaweeds traditionally consumed by Celtic peoples.