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a nonmotile spore of red algae

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Studies on spore release and sporeling growth from carpospores of Gracilaria foliifera (Forsskal) Borgesen Var.
Factors affecting sporulation of Gracilaria cornea (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) carpospores from Yucatan, Mexico.
Low viability of both carpospores (either apomictic or sexually produced) and tetraspores may underlie the poor recruitment of M.
First, the peak abundances of amphipods and isopods coincide with peaks in ephemeral algal abundance in summer and early fall, overlap a little with the "settlement window" of carpospores, and not at all with that of tetraspores.
After two months, all were fixed in a modified Karnofsky's fixative and examined in squash-preparation to determine whether carpospores resulted from the crosses or if fertilization merely resulted in pericarp formation without the formation of spores (Goff and Zuccarello 1994).